Thursday, 3 April 2014

There Is Something About Jack White 4

I dream of religion too often of clouds and flying, like the time I had flown with Jack fiddling against the window, Jack falling asleep from the long annoying connections and his eyelashes opening whenever I’d stir in my thoughts opening and closing the stars and trying to find a position. We had shooed away a couple in Hard Rock Cafe t-shirts which I guess could’ve been us if we had the money to travel this far when we were young and most likely I’d buy a shirt two sizes larger and Jack would look way younger and his hair would be shorter as I stroke it briefly, I felt bad for the couple and the name Monica Santos echoing in the airport was still in my head with all the kids in hats and reminding how older I was and that now pikachu is explained as a yellow cat to younger children.

I remember leaning against Jack and seeing snow everywhere covering the streets and the roads, the sand and even the sea seemed to have unmelting snow in it and the sky itself was like a massive snow cloud and the words of my father sprouted about a church near where I was born that there was a view to it near my birth and maybe even the moment had been connected.

I walked slowly to that church, the trails looking as if I were walking in a game and my footsteps seen and I had gasped my eyes springing open for a moment and seeing the dark sides of the plane and I had closed my eyes back to see the church pinned closed and the gates were sprung open, awaiting me halfway and I went on, in a shirt and jeans, my feet in socks but soon I felt barefoot and my hair had been my current long length and I tried opening the door and eventually I turned around, knowing that even my birth wouldn’t accept me.

I pulled Jack up and we walked until the end of the aisle, Jack most likely playing with the lighter which was missing from his pocket.

“What happened.” He said yawning, putting his hands on my shoulders and smiling, holding me tight through his fingers that even if I were liquid I wouldn’t slip.

I told him the dream as the flight attendants started doing breakfast for all the people and we had our own share of scrambled eggs and Jack sipped his coffee as I had given him my eggs and he gave me his bread as I watched into the mirror wondering why hadn’t I screamed in the dream and why didn’t I watch the trees breaking the dawn and why hadn’t I stayed longer until I had been fully naked in the park with all the leaves gone and I wondered if Jack would’ve shown himself from the snow or from some alley in the distance.

It had been true at that point that I felt uncomfortable from religion up to the point that whenever someone mentioned it or wanted to see a church I’d sit outside feeling all the belief leaking out to peep at me and think of all the thoughts I have when they are just as natural but it’s a tradition, so I don’t touch it and it doesn’t touch me and I bit from my acquired sandwich from earlier with tomato and lettuce and I looked at the birds and the sky and I wondered when would I see a church with snow all over again and Jack had walked out in the end, apologizing and being tense all of a sudden, him sometimes bending towards religion but never calling me unnatural he just wanted his piece of church, it had been like both of us on a long table, facing each other only behind me is the television screen and he has headphones and the remote, just because he was on that place he had religion.

I just ate with him both of us starting to feel uncomfortable and Jack had given me a cross with colours all over it and I just raised my brow at him.

It wasn’t some holy cross, it had been just a cross and I had wondered about it against the mirror when he had been asleep wondering if a demon would escape from the mirror, a different Alison with sharper teeth and she would be hetero and walk in sharper heels and she herself would never be a deviant like I am. 

“Does the church consider now women who enjoy sex deviants as well?” I asked Jack taking a photo of a tree against the water and the photo looked as if it were going to fall in a well of loneliness and drown and I sighted, giving the photo to Jack.

“Well, they’re allowing condoms if necessary, maybe they’ll allow being gay if necessary.” Jack smirked and briefly apologized as we both walked on, past the river which sucks things in and looks like the sky if the world had vomited on it.


I think the oddest bit of all is the fact that it's been 1.5 years since the previous chapter was posted considering the fact that this whole story is written and I was pretty much waiting for a request XD so please feel free to poke me as I can pretty much just post the rest of the chapters easily :) and I'd be glad to as this is one of my favorite stories I've ever written. 

It was written when I first came to see Callie in Brazil, back when she lived there and when we travelled around, so it has the whole airport scenes. 

Please feel free to request and I hope you enjoyed it, never hesitate to ask about old stories, I love them all xD

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