Friday, 4 April 2014

The Blunderbuss Angel Said The Union Is Forever 6

The pills had started working then in high school and I noticed men around me, as if all the women faded out. 

Just like it were now, even if I get married and there are petals thrown at us and everything changes with drugs, I don’t get dreams of people dying and I wake up feeling in bliss until I recall that I am with a woman when I want a man to lay by my side. So I stand up and I smoke outside, in my boxers, sun already grazing the streets and I keep smoking in my briefs, knowing how lazy the neighborhood is, even up to the point that I could take out my cock and wank, nothing would happen. 

Then I see a girl in a window and I make my way in, not interested in women, yet Kate feels like a cover. There is nothing wrong with her or the sex, it’s more fluid, it just happens with images of Jack starting to fill my mind. 

I couldn’t talk to him and neither could he. I can see him as he walked through the airport, but I don’t see his face, I am following him from behind, trailing past, my hand touching his back until he realizes and then I just go to Hawaii or something.

Kate’s money is intoxicating, knowing that you have enough in your account to buy half the city on a Monday. Maybe this is the price of being with a straight woman? They don’t believe in love anymore, not until they fall in love with themselves, women and realize that opposites attracting was just to make us breed, it was a malfunction, a mutation which happened to go far due to the church and a bunch of factors I have no idea from. Even I would get pregnant if I knew I could be with Jack, a man, I try to shut my eyes on the name, heading back in, knowing that it’s time to drink my magical pills, my antidepressants. 


I didn't realize that I had the next chapter written until I was thinking of it today and I just wanted to continue it and it's interesting as now the story takes a bit of a more linear form, for now. 

I dunno, I quite missed the story and I dunno, it's just really queer and kind of takes the cake and I'm writing about my favorite men in the world, haha xD 

I hope you enjoyed it and please feel free to request the next chapter which is being written :)


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