Saturday, 14 September 2013


How would you rate women?

And would you do it?

I look at Maura who keeps looking at the guy in the bar, trying to count the exact number of how much she finds him good looking.

So I don’t ask her, how would she rate the woman with the blue v-cut who walked in. I start biting the tip of my own pen and I wonder how much would I rate her in my head with Maura sitting in front of me.

Would it be degrading if I rate her?

But then we are rating men, when I am sure that neither of us are straight.

I don’t think I will continue listening to Frost who I’ve asked once about Maura who had called her straight in his eyes. Then the talk started spreading up to even my brother, who thought for a while and then they would follow me mocking me that I’m going for a straight girl.

I guess I should be thankful for the day that being gay is ok.

I think I’ve reached the middle of the pen as I keep scribbling random square shaped people before Maura pokes me with the end of her unbitten pen and I look at a 6. Or is it a 9?

Then she bites her lips and draws a ten, handing it to me, before digging back into the menu, which I know she knows and had chosen already two options in case they ran out of one of them.


I'm coming back to one request per day, so yay XD

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