Sunday, 22 September 2013

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Being gay in a small room is highly effective to make sure you feel awful, even being invisible doesn’t help because everyone knows that you’re there. And knowing that the other gay guy was bullied out of school makes it even worse. I end up being invisible even on the lessons that people think that I’m not here and I have to go back to be seen with their own eyes.

And it’s not something I’d flash around, but instead Frankie approaches me after the break, as I keep checking if I’ve got the right textbooks. I’ve got all of them already with notebooks, nearly all of them scribbled with wonky letters as I can barely stay awake any longer, school not being in my interest and feels like life is just dragging me onto more and more misery. Everything seems to be depressing.

Frankie thinks that because I’m friends with her, being gay is not an issue, so sometimes she doesn’t hold her bolts. She keeps pairing me up with every guy she knows is not taken, but then any guy who she knows who is not taken is up for any of her friends.

“I think you and Jackson look cute.” She says all of a sudden as Jackson approaches us. She obviously forgot that Jackson goes after her.

“You know that you should stop pairing up everyone with everyone.” And I pat the seat next to me, scanning the students scattered around the creepateria. I take a fry. “Or rather anyone who is happily single with other happily single people.”

“But being single, isn’t fun. I know that.” Frankie pouts, stealing one of my fries.

“Then find someone for yourself.” She just keeps pouting and I wonder why she had brought Jackson up, she’s been pretty silent and I’ve known how mad he was over her. I wondered if he was gay as well.

We just ate in silence, the other ghouls occupied.

I turned insvisble in class again, actually falling asleep and I felt myself floating in sweet bedcovers, soft shivers running through my body.

I don’t think I’ll find anyone as well, but when I’m too depressed and staring at posters at the wall in my room, I have this gut feeling that there is someone for me, but I keep looking at all the new monsters in school and no one seems to be catching my attention. It’s the same zombies, monsters, werewolves and vampires. I get a few new faces but they seem revolting, I guess that’s where disliking company comes in.

I was closing my locker when Jackson stood besides me, asking me if I wanted to meet after school.

Maybe that’s what Frankie was implying. True, he’d be the first bloke, but not the first person who tried to score with me. I can’t say I’m interested in him, but it’s better to have something closer to your preference rather than waste my time with a girl which I will have no attraction what so ever.

Frankie tried to tell my fortune and she’d always see men surrounding me, particularly a red haired guy. I’ve seen a few and trust me Jackson is not one of them for sure. He’s black with blonde, so nowhere near red.

He asks me out anyway and I want to politely decline, but I’d rather go with him than sit in my room and finnish ripping those old fortune telling cards. They can’t be played anyway unless a never kissed ghoul sits on them, as according to Frankie. We’ve both been kissed and we couldn’t be bothered to do anything.

I’ve had my fair thoughts of Frankie, but I never wanted to, she’s always been like a little sister to me, caring and somewhat annoying and she’d chose talking to me instead of homework. True, we went to the last dance together, because we’d end up shuffling together anyway.

I wonder what should I talk about with Jackson and I just stick a headphone in his ear, bored with my decision of a date already, even if we didn’t even leave school yet. I turn it on full volume and he starts shaking-

A green light absorbing him-

No one seems to notice.

Why hadn’t I known?


I'm sorry it took me quite a while, it's short, but it turned out nicer than I expected and I love fluffy stories :3 I mean, it is fanfiction >.> haha, we're a whole genre XD

Please feel free to request :3


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