Friday, 13 September 2013

Shoved Puzzle

Stick a pick into the moon.

I can barely hold my eyelids open and I see her look at me across the room.

I don’t feel too comfortable.

I don’t like being looked at and maybe my choice of a dress was too short indeed and the rumours around a girl wearing all fur ain’t too good either. She keeps looking at me and I recall my dress again. It’s the time of the year and life when your parents keep bragging that what if the size of the skirt will affect your brains and with the upcoming mathematics competition that is all they have in mind. I’ve even had my dad exercise with me things I’ve even started scribbling in my locker with my own nails while I was waiting for Frankie to show up today.

I really should stop staying awake with all the words upon me.

I know I won’t fail, but the fear is still there with all those rumours about people being chosen for some odd reason, which is surely not their intelligence or abilities. Of course, I won’t ever deny such possibility, but such things sticking into Monster High feel odd. 

I turn towards the teacher who is walking around the rows. I know the topic and we’re doing it again due to people not catching up, which is a nice refresh-

But she’s still looking at me.

With her white hair and her eyes as ice.

It feels odd to have someone who you don’t think too attractive looking at you. But then I feel bad, I just don’t think I should be thinking of someone else other than-

And I raise my hand to answer the question and correct what should be corrected on the board. 

I can still see her looking at me with curioisty and I wonder why is she in fur all this time. Maybe it’s too wrap up something, some cold memory or loneliness. 

I wonder what is there to hide, but then maybe my dress should be the opposite, nothing to hide. But then I’ve got glasses. Would clothing even be something to hide about?

I think I’d eat the chalk if given the chance, not to write again, but sit alone.


Sorry, I've been having my ups and downs and well, I realized that it's better to force myself to work on the requests and it is putting my mood up, so yeah :D I'm sorry about the delay, but here it is.

Ghoulia's clothing and the parents bashing is basically what I've had a bunch of lately, so I've been thinking to stick it in (I shaved my head a few months ago XD which seems pretty normal to me, but yeah :) ) and there it went.

Abbey staring at Ghoulia is actually how me and Callie first made contact in a classroom, I edited it and made it different obviously. I had an entirely different reaction XD And obviously I'm sticking in slowly what's going on right now, really. Because it is fucking shocking and gross. It's fucking gross how we still have racism in the educational system.

I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to request :3


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