Friday, 16 January 2015

I'm waiting to greet you 4

Love is a ribbon which he unties and I don’t even know who the prize was and the nights are sleepless even with a full dose of Xanax and overdose doesn’t seem like an option anymore for the sole fact that then his touch would be numb to my own. 

Love is like a confession, when the priest whispers in your ear that you should confess to God and restrain from it, the priest’s eyes seen

But when sin is upon the fingertips, life is tipped over. And it’s always an entire different taste of who is the partner in the dance or if you keep switching partners and I’m the one who stands still and it never occurred to me that he would enjoy switching so many at once, his eyes broken until the glass was broken in his hand and Alison didn’t even raise her eyes, maybe that’s when we all departed, I just didn’t want to see an ex lover and Alison didn’t want to see any at all, snapping at everyone, while Jack would lock himself and opening his hotel door I would see all the blood trickling down any knife he could find, any souvenir, his hair perfectly destroyed and there’s more than rotten love.

The love decomposes and something else blossoms.

His misery is more than written and I think we’ve both given up, yet we all dance with her. 

She’s the one who pulls into a kiss.


Frankly, I binged these few short chapters and I've got a few left, I was writing something else today and ironically I also touched surreal story-telling and dancing. I used to go to ballroom dancing lessons, but I think that's better for me to keep in tomorrow's back story and it's a metaphor I use a lot, specifically that love is a waltz and I really use that imagery a lot frankly.

I've been in odd moods, so I've been sticking to more surreal stories and I guess writing bizarre stuff makes me feel better and I've been using it deliberately. So here it is and thank you

There's not a lot of backstory here, as all is told frankly.

Thank you and tell me if you're enjoying it so far, I've got a few more chapters written of it



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