Friday, 2 January 2015

Drop of the Year

I think there’s that one moment of solitude in the New Year
When everyone leaves the room
And you recall how full it was
Of all the lost loves and pain
And all the wrapped up bangs in your head
And everything makes sense
Because you’re under the Christmas trees with all the mixes
Sizzling and devouring
Tomorrow’s night
Just because we’ve told ourselves we really mean it
When it comes to love and hate and that one split of solitude on our own echoing a bit of death
Because we never die alone.
But that is never the reason to stop,
To give up hope
Even if you’re telling that yourself.


I wrote that during a rather weird scene, when everyone left the celebrating room and I was frankly staring at the tree (I was drunk but I knew what was happening and fully aware of everything while speaking in crisp clear portuguese to Callie, but that's besides the point XD) and it was like an odd sole moment to myself when I usually am always with someone and I could hear them and well, the celebrations were on and everyone was drinking, eating, watching telly and etc.

I dunno, the New Year always means a fucking lot to me since it's when Santa comes for me. So yeah, I just grab my phone and bang out poems when I'm feeling bittersweet, I'm in the foolish state of, ok, what do I do now sort of thing when you know you're knee deep into someone and have no idea and there are no actions from your side. It's frustrating and melancholic, really. So that's why I've been moodier, besides bipolar suspected XD and yeah, that's why you write poems when emotions overflow you, when frustration does frankly.

And I write motivational poems when I'm sad and vice versa. 

So yeah, Happy New Year to all, you're all wonderful and that's why we're all here. 

Thank you for all the support you've been giving me and your interest in my work. January will proceed with one chapter a day because frankly it's something I've been doing for years and now decided to resume again since there's so much written and I guess since writing is personal, have a personal poem XD

Thanks again and you're all amazing, honestly

Happy New Year, loves!



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