Thursday, 18 September 2014

- 5

I don’t think he exists and I’m mental and my body could be solely going numb by itself. My bed seems rougher than usual and my mouth is now fully numb and I wonder how much will I even last, I barely manage to eat cereal, my hands shaking whenever I try to cook and the city seems bleak and it ends up with me glancing at every clock, at every watch to make sure that I am nowhere near the time and I wonder what would happen if I stay inside, but it’s too strong and with a spinning head I should still head out-

and I do, the sprinklers already on me and I watch him, grin, twisting and I expect him to laugh, but he doesn’t his eyes the colour of the blood I’d be running and he doesn’t speak, the sprinklers making me wetter and I can’t help but keep staring at him-

What is the deal then?

He’s not a shapeshifter and my blood goes far too cold-

Would he be able to control time then?

He grins

The realization crosses through my mind and the thought itself is highly sinful and my lips tingle-

Then that would explain the attraction which comes in at all times of the day and how I would recall his lips and feel his hair against the skin surface he’s touched before, but then

Maybe he takes form in the desire you wish and I start seeing flashes which I try to shut down, the images far too graphic, flashing, too eerie to come to my consciousness as he comes up to me-

He presses his hand against my cheek

He is the unspeakable then-

And I know what the deal is.


Thank fuck, the next chapter is the last and the whole story is eerie and has been written ages ago fully and yeah. The story is half-based on my experience, half not based and this chapter I guess is where it's a bit based off. 

I have no idea still and I try not to think of it much and honestly, just decline, ask to leave and etc for your own sake and it can take up to hours and I haven't researched to see creepier situations and I don't want to. If you feel some eerie place or something calling, avoid it, I think I just have to emphasize on this story a lot. 

Also it also depends on well, who/what it is of course and well, if it's the unspeakable or something close a deal will be offered. Always refuse. 

That's where the chapter comes from. I'd rather not speak of it here but if you're really dying to know I will speak to you if you message me and you won't go hunting. But it can happen without hunting. 

The time shift was actually taken from people recalling incidents with Ouija Boards so yeah. 

I hope you enjoy the story and the next chapter will be the last and stay safe, please. 

Tell me if you enjoyed the story as I still decided to continue posting it and besides this there is one left and yeah.

I was also very tired and I have a bunch of updates, so tell me if you want a specific and it will be posted as nearly everything has a new chapter or just needs a final push and I've been binging recently xD

I hope you enjoyed it and thank you



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