Sunday, 14 September 2014

I'm waiting to greet you 2

Jack White is more than a game and sometimes I feel like I am the dice they both roll and both have different tastes and neither of them are licorice yet they are the sweets in the aisle which seems to have to many to choose from. And I’ve watched him as we both get our hair trimmed and see how his curls fall and I know that mine will grow the same way it did, my dye takes longer and it takes a while for his to fall and mine to be renewed and I feel like our age is switched, the tired look in his eyes make him more ready to gamble while my age just wants a roof, yet we still walk out, both newly cut and he can’t help but look at me.

We never gambled over her openly, but we had once started a game of yatzee, rolling dice, wine and whiskey scattered on the floor and his eyes glued to mine, his fingers touching mine with every dice roll, maybe the candy on the bottom of the bag is the one most chosen, because it was on the beginning. 

But he had kissed her, when she had rejected me, when he rejected me, it’s a spiral of rejection and the pick and mix never seems to run out and he keeps rolling the dice.

“You should loosen up-”

“Maybe I just want a relationship.”

“Well, that really didn’t work out with Alison, did it?” He smirks. I know where to shoot even if the gun is on his wall with the dead animals and meat stuck in the teeth, because the flesh and blood he wants long dried in another man’s hands. 

“Neither it did with Meg.” 

And he can lie all he wants. 


And it's back. I honestly didn't think this story would ever be back, I thought it would remain as a short story, just like No.1 Party Anthem for instance. It was supposed to be a short story and then I actually saw a gif set of Jack's new video "Would You Fight For My Love" and I think I've clearly spoken how much I dislike Jack's solo and the only two songs I've liked so far where Love Interruption from Blunderbuss once I had broken up with my ex and I ended up singing it on the streets, heartbroken after a break up along with You Don't Know What Love Is. So looking at the video, I had been depressed all day, I have severe depression and my tachycardia is getting quite rough and I had a lot of work to do, so I was awfully tired so I'd write in small gaps and I wrote a bunch of small paragraphs and I enjoy having this magical inspiration when I can't hold and I write on anything because otherwise I don't know which story should I write and my mind is full of plots and etc. I've got a bunch of stories unposted and slowly getting updated and this one is posted solely because I managed to just finish it and I wanted it to see the light of the day.

I guess being gay, I just love the taste of Jack and Jamie together and just like any I guess queer bloke, I love them and like any story the story takes the course itself. And I just saw the gif set and I was like, shit, Jack looks hot, hey, Callie let's check it out and I was surprised that I enjoyed the song and it seemed to scream out as if it were about Alison and in general I really love their whole love triangle, triad thing going on. They're my three most used characters ever and there's not a lot of specifically Jack/Jamie I've written and there's a whole new story I haven't posted yet for some fucking reason xD I'll force myself to post it tomorrow. I like the short format, so I'll try to keep it here. 

So I was watching the video and the other day I got cut at a barber's and I'm quite shy when it comes to things like that because I always get misgendered and I have to go all "I always go to a barbers" and the guy was awfully nice and reminded me of the "daddy" in Lana del Rey's "West Coast" and "Shades of Cool" video and I always use minor things in my story, so I had the idea of just sticking them in quickly while writing. And I'm quite observant when it comes to Jamie and I don't know when exactly he started going gray but his hair is always dyed and it's always different shades of brown, while Jack either clings to black or his own, I'm guessing. And Jamie's hair grows fast like mine, so that was used as well. 

Also I just really liked Jack's overdone "masculinity" if you wish in the video and it's something both him and Jamie play with. And their sexuality is a wide topic of discussion I love to engage with Callie (who has been a die-hard TWS fan for years and Hince fan for longer than I have) so I'm happy to discuss. Also Jack is highly androgynous looking in real life which I didn't expect at all when I saw him and he is gorgeous, he has more sex appeal than any photo can ever capture, while Jamie… well, Jamie is just he's quite like you expect him, his height is quite striking because I always imagined him much taller than me, that's the impression you get and he looks awfully young and Jamie has enormous sex appeal. They both do. And both are talented fucks. 

The first time I ever played yatzee was on our first rented room in Sweden with this super creep of a landlord who was nice in the beginning and I even got to try licorice sambuca which was the grossest thing ever. And for me pick and mix and yatzee kind of stick out besides IKEA xD and BR because I'm a doll collector xD so I just imagined them playing that because I barely know poker and I wanted a game I've done drunk with wine. 

(QUICK BACKSTORY EDIT): Ok, I should've mentioned this before, but back when I used to be a big David Tennant fan (yes, I loved DW and dropped once Moffat took over) and I watched this series which is not very known called Blackpool and the ending is that the detective and the Casino Owner pretty much make a deal to hand the wife over to the detective to drop the charges and I always loved that series and I've rewatched it so many times that me and my mom bought a DVD and I got into The Smiths and into The Clash by watching it, so if you ever want some fucked up insight into straight cis relationships and murder, watch it and the whole idea of Alison being the wife was juggled and inspired here. Don't look at me that way, Wild Charms' video was inspired by Gainsbourgh's "Nazi Rock". (I'll fucking never get over Jamie on French TV yelling nazi nazi nazi rock, it's like calm the fuck down, honestly xD)

I don't think I'll ever roll my eyes as heavy as when Jack said he wasn't happy with Meg, both him and Jamie have this whole "we never dated" thing which is well, their thing and Jamie stashes his personal life, actually both do. (Placebo came up on shuffle *cough cough*) anyway, I hope you enjoyed it and please tell me if you did, because I've been awfully depressed and all words can make my day

Please tell me if you want the next chapter as it's written already

thank you



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