Friday, 26 September 2014

let's make straight offensive since they're such bigots 5

He’s much taller than me and surely than Jamie and he fidgets and he smiles at me lightly, as I walk towards our lockers and he holds a flower. Do they even do that? And I recall how me and Jamie were handed a rose each by some random passerby once, on Valentine’s day as well and we swore that we’d be each other’s valentine always, well, now we won’t. He’s rather striking as well. Well-built and seems to be something like some eye candy Jamie would jerk off to. I’ve been paired up with him in chemistry once and he had randomly asked me what I listened to years ago and said he was going to buy vinyl and I just smiled it off.

Apparently he switched teams. 

“Um, where’s Jamie?” I shrug and I wonder myself, as we both didn’t phone each other to meet up and soon enough, we see the talk himself run up and he’s in a suit, a smaller scarf tied around and he stops near the locker, eyes scanning the bloke and me. He smiles wider as he looks at him and tries to stash the guilt in his eyes from me. 

The taller bloke scratches his head and grins, watching Jamie catch his breath and I just watch them unravel in some unrealistic expectation, like a soap opera. 

“I-I’m Jack, y-your admirer.”

“I figured.” Jamie grins and nods, watching him, but he lowers his eyes and I see him look at me, as the taller bloke fidgets. My hands ache. “Where were you? I’m fucking yelling that I’m gay every day.”

They both laugh.

I’m behind the screen.

“S-sorry, I just came out to my parents last night. I-I said I-I had a date and yeah. Well, they need time.”

“Everyone does, don’t worry.” Jamie smiles and I see Jack melt and how his dark eyes are fixed on my shorter friend and I wonder if he had already jerked off to him and the image disgusts me, that someone else would want Jamie when I could barely do anything, my mind twisting the kiss, pushing it further as if he had been inside me, as if he had twisted me all over and confessed, when he didn’t. 

“I mean, if you don’t mind, going out.” He stops stuttering, but now fear is all in his hands and he notices me watching them and tries to ignore it, but then stretches out his hand and we introduce ourselves and he says he knows I’m Jamie’s friend, he figured and apologized that he knew of no gay women for me and I stretch a smile. Jamie peeks at the one single rose and I recall us walking with the rose in his mouth, clapping and making jokes until it stung his tongue-

Jamie thinks for a moment, glances at me and I just nod, sadly, he leaves me. 

“Yeah, a date, is great. Six p.m. ok with you?” He asks after Jack suggest some place which will be filled with balloons and they will be seen as the young gay couple and I’ll just sit watching something, maybe Weekend because it’s Jamie’s favourite and we agreed to watch it this valentine’s because he said love didn’t exist. 

“I just need to do something first and then, yeah. I’ll dress up as well.” He smirks.

“You always look amazing, Jamie.” Jack says in awe.

“I seen you’ve been stalking me.” Jamie laughs back. We all depart to our classes, me and Jamie one way and I keep my silence, barely tripping. 

“You owe watching Weekend with me. I’m not leaving you alone on Valentine’s, at least not for all of it.” He strokes my cheek with his thumb, as we walk. He puzzles on his words. “I love you. Text me if anything, anytime, during the date, I’ll even drag you along.”

And he doesn’t look at me after that, writing all notes down, only when I poke his finger with my own. The teacher scribbles on the slideshow. 

“I love you too.” And we both nod, looking ahead, lighter on words and harder on the bones. 


I have too much stuff written due to binge writing and a lot finished and this is one of them. So pretty much any time poked and I'll post the next chapter if it's done, so today's chapter was called by hostilehospitalbeds from tumblr yay xD

I really miss this story because it was binge written, the rest of it, so it was gone in the blink of an eye and I don't edit and actually I'm quite happy that I've got these "lighter" Kills story, which is funny because Settle A Quarrel is supposed to be the light one and Fiji and this one ended up being the lightest. I'm also anxious but I hope you'll enjoy it and I'm really happy that everyone is eager, because I really love it and I dunno there's a lot of people sticking to their labels when sexuality still sometimes ends up being about the person and dunno, it always felt to me like Alison and Jamie went that leap and I guess that's where the story comes from and the desire to continue it, because it's such an old old request which I can't recall who asked and no one asked to continue so two years later I picked it up, I've been picking up old Kills stories because they're just amazing, The Kills, I mean xD 

The story was planned to be longer and I pondered upon Jamie's 'secret admirer' and I wanted Jack in the end but I thought of Grimmy since I've been awing over his style recently and he's the culprit to my latest pink hair (which is nearly washed out). 

If it's a movie, I'll stick Weekend, I always do, I dunno, it's sad how it just vanished but it was indie and it's still after Trainspotting tied with Velvet Goldmine as my favourite movie and seems like something I would watch on Valnetine's if I was single and looking for some sad story. It's odd because I've been with Callie so long and even if I'm poly and open, I still don't get fully "single" so it's pretty much recalling how it had been ages and ages ago, which is weird. I would get depressed. 

And Valentine's is The Kills' thing so I figured even in an AU Jame wouldn't leave Alison and he doesn't really. I really love them in this story and yeah, we all know where it's headed and yeah xD

Writing their confessions was just natural progression really, sometimes you just confess as friends, shivering and just shrug it off as platonic but well, all is bull, you just really love each other.

I ship them and yeah, I really miss early Kills sometimes, but I love them now just another doomed OTP really unfortunately, but again it's for us to fantasize and openly allowed so yeah

I hope you enjoyed it and please tell me if you did, a few chapters left :3 I should write more light Kills stories, really should xD 

Thank you





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