Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Disaster 3

Her legs are widely stretched, her breathing awfully heavy and eyes still full of sex, my own jeans feel like second skin and Marina can’t stabilize her breathing as she keeps looking at me. She bites her soft lips and I don’t know how come I’m not grinding against her. She unzips my jeans lower and starts slowly pulling them off. My heart is racing and my underwear is clung onto my pussy, drenched and she traces my entrance with her long fingers, slowly going on my clit.

“Maybe on fours, Lana?” She smirks at me and I do so, my pussy fully exposed as she spreads out to see how drenched I am. Marina kisses me right on the entrance and I moan, lowering my head against the sheets, my whole body aching and I’m nearly grinding against her beautiful lips. “Looks like you really wanted me, Lana.”

Her own breathing is really rough. She traces her tongue down on my clit. And starts licking very very slowly, torturous, making me clutch the bedsheets and moan. Marina takes my buttcheeks and spreads them out even wider, letting the tongue trace me up and down entirely, as I shiver. She’s doing it far too slow, teasing and I feel her lipstick do traces even if there is barely left any of it. Marina keeps sucking on my entire pussy as I start nearly screaming, thrusting against her mouth, grabbing her head and pushing myself closer, my whole body slowly reaching some sweet pleasure as I bite my lips. 

She sticks her tongue inside me and slides out. 

“M-Marina...” I breathe, so close, on fours before she puts her mouth back on me, sucking harshly and then sticks slowly two fingers inside me and I scream her name twice, thrusting myself back to her, my whole body coming in waves, moans, as I keep thrusting against her fingers until the orgasm fully lets go and she takes her fingers out, smiling at me. We’re still in our shirts. 

I take her fingers and I put them in her mouth. She raises her eyebrows at me, smiling as she sucks on them. I go on top of her, our breasts against each other. Marina grins at me. 

“This is so hot...” As she thrusts against my leg, arching her neck. “Mmm... I hope you don’t mind me us fucking as I lead him on. This is too good.” 

And as she says that she grabs my breasts. 

“You’ve got too many layers, sweetie.” And she takes off my t-shirt, unhooking my bra, revealing my breasts which are smaller than hers but she just opens her mouth, leaning down to lick a nipple, raising her dark eyes to make sure I can see it. She starts by licking around before taking the breast in her hand and sucking harder, thrusting against my leg which is soaked. I quickly raise her t-shirt revealing her transparent bra. She came prepared. Marina notices my gaze stop.

“I had to make sure you’d find me sexy, Lana.” She grins as I look her hard nipples and lets go of my breasts as I start squeezing hers. Taking them fully in my hands, rubbing her nipples through the fabric. 

“You’re... very hot.” I say and she lifts herself up against my lips, watching me. 

“Am I?” Marina bites her lips and traces herself against my leg again. “You wanted me, didn’t you?”

She puts her fingers on my clit again.

“Y-Yes.” I moan before she falls back and positions herself so that her vagina is near mine, our clits stroking. I clutch the bedsheets, thrusting hard, moaning harder and harder. 

“Tell me.” She says, her hair tussled, a mix of brown and blonde, breasts rising with every breath as she keeps thrusting. I look at her full of sex and bewildered that she’s so hot and we’re scissoring. 

“I’m gay. I want you. I’ll fuck you harder than your boyfriend ever will.” And I go on top of her, pulling her up with me, our clits crushing and I start thrusting like mad, Marina’s eyes closed as I clumsily start biting, licking sucking her neck, my hands on her nipples, her mouth only giving moans and saying how good it is to fuck a girl. She opens her eyes, licks her lips before sticking her tongue out to lick mine and I don’t hold, screaming, clutching her skin with my fingers, feeling myself cum harder as I squirt and I feel embarrassed as she gets more turned on and comes herself, screaming, crashing her whole body against mine, her thrusts becoming slower as she brings me closer to her, tongues lazily exploring. 

“Can we please...” She tries to catch her breath, stroking my hair as I’m on top of her as I remove her bra to be fully naked. “Fuck again. I promise I won’t tell anyone. I just want to work it out between me and Matthew. I can’t make him think...”

She breaths out, I put my head on her shoulder. 

“That I’m easy. While you’ll never think I’m easy. It’s until we can both fuck.” I kiss her shoulder, closing my eyes, muting the screams from the orgasms. “We can even fuck someone else...”

She clicks her fingers.

“I can invite Alison. Then you can get steamy.” She bites her lips. “I heard she broke up with her boyfriend. But she’s bi. Didn’t you guys have sex?”

I shake my head. 

“A threesome with girls would be hot.” She kisses the top of my head. “Think all three of us sucking each other. That’s hot.”

I’m nearly fucking her again just to make her shut up, because it feels like I’m only doing it for the sex. It’s ridiculous I want another run, I want to feel her on my tongue, suck her off,her hips thrusting against mine, but instead she rolls me off. She sits up.

“I...” Eyes gleaming, post-sex and pre-boyfriend. “Got a date with Matthew and guess who won’t be horny tonight.” 

I don’t move and she tries to ignore me shatter as I can’t help but watch her locks as she starts dressing up like the doll she is, how she quickly puts gloss on her lips as I just watch her in awe and I glance down, I made her orgasm twice and she’s still sticky all over my body and the thought arouses me that I could even touch myself in her bed and I’m still fucking aroused. She stops to look at me. And she leans down to kiss me, I hold the kiss and just as I lift my arm to pull her lower she breaks it.

“We can have sex again tonight. You wanna stay over?” I don’t even nod, as she quickly packs her things and I’m the one to fill in our biology homework, like the shy girl who wants attention just because she knows how the membrane works and the difference between a human and a plant cell. 

And with blowing a kiss, she was off making the sex glow as if it were a love glow, but would it be? Would she actually have a strict distinction and with her parents away it seemed more awful to be in her bed naked, my body still aching from sex and the image of her on her stomach touching herself, slowly, slightly, teasing, biting her lips made me even more turned on and the fact that we just had sex on this bed.
She was cheating on Matthew with me. She was going down on me instead of Matthew.
She wanted me instead of Matthew and desperation was far more further than sweet. The bedcovers and sheets still moist and I could feel her body flinging against my own.
I lowered my hand down
I had sex with Marina
I was her sex toy
And it was driving me wild
I stuck two fingers inside me, moaning, groaning, arching my body, my other hand pulling my clit lightly, I wanted her mouth back on me, her tongue teasing-
Her mouth-
Her fingers
"Marina" I breathe out heavily and I collapse back on the bed, a heavy sigh following the bliss as I realize that I should also slowly leave, keys always at my disposal and I slowly hook my bra, my legs still spread and a mix of our sex intertwined before I dress up again and the clothes feel old
While my skin feels used so good.
At love and despair any fork on the road is eatable.
"Hey." And I’m stuck at the newsagent, times passed and to kill even more time before I get to lick Marina I head out, looking at Vogue which is screaming about Lara Stone and Kate Moss. And I turn around to see her with the same gold boots, some loose t-shirt with leopard cardigan. She picks up the NME and I can’t help but look at her like an alien.
We’ve both had sex with women, with different women.
She chews the unlit cigarette already.
"You seem glowing, how are ya?" Alison asks me and puts the magazine down and I just shrug, shivering lightly and she sees my discomfort and just leaves her dark hair in her eyes, forces a smile and leaves the store as we both watch each other from the eye corners as she lights the cigarette and walks back on Lothian road.
I don’t know if I should follow, so instead I keep flicking through the Vogue, all homework done for today and Marina gone off with her bloke. Do you run after fate and an encounter?

I go after her and she stops, cigarette in hand and Marina’s taste stamped on my lips.

“Drink?” She asks me as we start going past the bus stops where people pass out drunk, as all the faces blur out and she looks at my confusion.

“Yeah, we broke up. He realized he’s solely into blokes.” She rolled her eyes. “As if I couldn’t blow. Well, happens.”

She smiles and keeps watching me, as if I would reveal my status but I just say nothing as we keep heading and I feel as if there is something nostalgic with walking with her, but there isn’t.

“He’s fucking Nick.” I have no idea who that is.



I know it's been over five months, but here it is. And my gender is just as fluid even if I came out as a bloke, which I am most of the time, my gender is much more fluid and I woke up this morning with the intense desire to continue Disaster which I've been dying to do for a very good while and to be honest I heavily miss it, it's quite sex filled which I enjoy because well, if you are in a sexual realtionship/are sexual it's still a big thing and it annoys me how tumblr is all don't shame those who don't like sex, I've always been shamed for being too sexual and nagging how I'd want a wand and I love peeking into sex shops and doing wish lists. So I'm quite open about that and I think sex scenes are the ones which take me longer to write because well, you're usually jerking off if it's in your mind, while here it has to be put to paper xD this was all written today in two or so sitting and the last bits on mobile:3 

and it started back when I was with my ex, so maybe some Marina fucked-up ness comes from there, but it doesn't affect the ending the story is still Larina even if Alison will be mixed into it. And I'm quite happy to have her here because I still love her dearly and I miss the classic non-bleached Alison, but then people don't change, people are always how they were so who knows. 

Anyway, Alison is one of my favourite characters to write. 

I don't know how else can I comment the sex scene XD I'm still genderfluid and a lesbian whilst female, what else can I say ? My gender is awfully complex and fluid and valid in all cases :)

I'm against cheating but when it comes to sex and writing, everything is spiced up, sex is less gracious in life, you actually make sure you've got a condom on, it might be spontaneous, there's laughing, there's sudden jerks and more direction, sex is of course different IRL and so do fantasies do, novels are a fantasy so the story plays with the whole idea of taking someone else for yourself, which is odd because I'm open with Callie yet cheating is a common theme in my stories, because I was always scared I would end up before I came out as poly and I don't see the reason why would you hide, but stories are stories

I'm not the characters I write, even if I may be sometimes, I'm still not them, I won't go "fuck yeah, you're cheating with me". I'll be like, fuck off, dude xD

Threesomes are hot *trails off* anyway, everyone has that sexual fantasy which is like how the fuck do I do it. Anyway, anyway *waves hand* 

and it's hard, I've been writing like mad, I've got chapters and new stories waiting to be published and they just get randomly chosen to be posted, so please tell me which one you want I most likely have an update of it

I randomly saw Alison and Lana in this newsagent I sometimes would go to on Lothian Road back when I lived in Edinburgh and I decided to take that as a setting and I honestly miss Edinburgh the way it used to be, so let that setting be and Lothian Road was my favourite road in the city, so if you're ever there you have no idea how many of my characters have been on that road. Maybe one day when the UK isn't a fucking wreck I'll visit it even for one day to take photos, just to know where my characters have been and just like Callie, flip at everything and leave

I honestly miss the place which was once home

But that's what happens

You move solely because someone doesn't like your sexuality, gender and ethnicity and people don't care how much you scream, it doesn't matter, so yeah and that makes me sad

Either way, I hope you enjoyed it

and please say if you did

and yeah, Jamie is dating Nick here, one of my OTPs, they'll be showing up in more stories, don't worry xD

and yeah, I didn't mention but we've moved to the Swedish countryside and don't worry I already have a story set here because I enjoy using the places I live in for stories

Please tell me if you enjoyed it and thank you so so much



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