Saturday, 2 June 2012

Before The Stripes

You sit during dinner staring at mashed potatoes, well, I sit during dinner with the table wide yet with all the people it seems narrow and everything is passed across, butter, salt, pepper and I sit there waiting, knowing that everything they pass and spill is for me to clean and now that my brother cooks dinner to train himself, being a chef, my days to clean everything drop in closer and I just sit there ever since I’ve been six and I’ve been given the task with a chair to stand on after I feel down and got a shard on my ear.

I end up drinking some home made apple juice by one of my sisters.

And I play with the mashed potatoes hearing the fork against the plate.


I look up and I pass Leo the salt.

It feels too comfy and the wallpaper is old and I’d be among the people who would make a fuss if it would be torn down.

I end up heading back up into one of the room with no one sleeping on the second bed and I crawl under the covers with the vinyls missing from the shelves back at mine’s and how my old childhood room seems wider than my own and how dull the shared room is.

Eventually I fall asleep to wake up to cigarette smoke and I fall back asleep.

In the morning I leave with a bundle of food and I get back home to get the guitar strum a bit and I do something which every human yearns to do every once in a while, because life is too boring and your, mine, my fingers end up aching by the end of the day and sometimes life is too long so we chop it, I chop it by drinking.

I like getting drunk how daft the world looks and how it’s a trip and you never know how will this reality show end and you laugh instead of cry most of the time, because no one ever wants to be a sad drunk unless you’ve been dumped by a girl, so I go alone after eating the mashed potatoes for breakfast just looking through the few vinyls I’ve bought in the past months from a guy who apparently chewed on the sleeves and spat them out and never touched the vinyls themselves.

“Beer.” I say, not being original and a girl pours me beer, her hair down and she smiles, charging me and taking a small peppermint candy from her pocket and serving more people booze and selling the tickets for the lottery, the free ride, baby.

I buy three more beers and I get three more smiles.

I look at her.

Her dark eyes and how her hair is and the red t-shirt she has on with the white skirt and I think of how she can easily spill anything on it and I stand up to go on the dance floor and back, just to stand among the vibe, easy to blame on the alcohol and then more beer comes as I sip it slower looking at the television with the forecast and then the sappy television shows as she watches them.

And I just watch her with my drinks, her being more vivid with beer as I ask for more and leave home not to wash my dishes but to droll over my pillow and oversleep a saturday for more beer and wake up with someone banging on my door due to my vinyl on, might’ve been when I’ve been awake before going back.

Drunk is such an excuse even when you’re in hangover mode, baby.


I've been requested how Jack and Meg met and their first kiss and how they said I love you:3 In the end it would be better as a novel rather than a one shot and well, I hope you've enjoyed it and I guess request away and thank you


Before The Stripes2

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