Sunday, 3 June 2012


The seagull crosses the road.

The seagull actually goes back and stands in the middle.

It’s odd how cities get seagulls so I stop and stare at it and eventually it notices me and backs off, reacting to myself rather than the cars which went past.

“Paul.” And I turn around to see Carlos.

And he lights his cigarette with a match and hurls the thing away and I watch him take some drags and eventually I take out my own box and take one out, pulling it with my teeth.

Carlos grabs me by the collar and pulls me into the club behind him, slowly as the door closes and confetti starts falling and people with strippers emerge laughing, wine, coffee and champagne are spilt and we take a table and he smokes and I’ve lost my cigarette and my silver lighter on the way.

“How you’ve been?” Carlos asks me, his hair a bit curly and his clothes new, a new gray blazer and his fork is in his left hand as he eats some chicken he gets with his taken silence and I lean back to feel the soft chair.

“Not bad.” I close my eyes not to snap and Carlos keeps eating his chicken and offers me some as my mouth gets opened and he gives me a piece.

I open my eyes to see him smirk as he taps some tune to the pop music in the speakers, smiling, giving me another piece with more white sauce and piercing my lip with the fork so that now the chicken is bloody and he eats it looking as the colours mix behind.


The idea came from seeing a seagull as I headed out and well, I see seagulls a lot, but I still love them to much to go all squiggly XD about seeing them, so yeah

I hope you enjoyed it

Thank you

Deviant's  2

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