Wednesday, 6 June 2012


The fact that I see a river in a place with no rivers and where seagulls look tender on the neon green grass as it rains seems odd and how pubs are now empty and those without names can be walked in and pints can be ordered and you can even smoke besides the window thinking that you’re in a cafe and look at the street and the cars and the buses riding like it is every Monday and my scarf is way too warm because Meg put it on me before I left and I just stared. Meg stared too.

And I left.

To sit near the river where I scared the crowd.

Of three people myself included.

That I saw a river in a city I live, that the river had built overnight and no seagulls were near instead they devoured the trains on the train station and Meg would feed them overnight, maybe thats where the rivers form and where the seagulls drown as I smoke my  cigarette leftovers lighting them with a spare match as they walk, a crowd, past my window and I see and I think of Meg and her lips and all long haired women play with my heart and all the people walk fast and guilty in the aisles of the supermarket as the workers flirt with the lights above the yoghurts and no food is taken until all is off and I scream.

I don’t.

Neither does Meg.

She just wakes me drunk on the bar where the rivers are, where the crossroads of water are and all the paths lead with the stupid posters of people who talk about drugs and not this part of town with all to consume and kill kill kill with a shotgun to blow from the hand.

If I’d be a tourist I’d buy a wristband with an I heart this place tomorrow.

To shoot more and more birds and seagulls.

Seagulls because they are my favourite birds.


I was springing the locations through my mind although the pub I walked past it today with a few phrases. It's a holiday so i ended up just walking around under the rain too stereotypical xD well, headed out for groceries so yeah. What I do ends up drifting to stories actually so yeah XD

I hope you enjoyed it and thank you


The Blunderbuss Angel said The Union is Forever


  1. There was a little girl
    and there was a little boy
    and they lived in an alley
    under the red sky.

  2. do you live in edinburgh?