Friday, 1 June 2012

Ache Head

Sometimes you have a headache before you go onstage and it doesn’t go away until the end and I don’t feel my voice or my lips and people just stare and I just keep my glasses close.

People say it’s the best performance but I’ve seen myself nearly drop the guitar twice and the screaming sounded like me once and it had been the pain back into the arm and I see myself with flu the next day and people just stare

I hate small venues

My voice breaks breaks

And it collapses as I see myself on the stage and Daniel pouring water on me and I stand up

Nothing happens

The song just ends with the water in my hand as I sip and put it back

To come back to another song

With no headache

This time with clenched teeth and the glasses loose

And fingers wobble, the song ends up being so long

Collapse please

All of you

Stop staring and giving me my headache back

Sometimes you just get paranoia and the thoughts just whirl even if you sing and the lyrics are like a tattoo, sting, itch and are seen even on mute

Maybe it’s not me and I’m on the floor

More water at the end and I collapse

I don’t



Which leaves you with fingers against your mouth


Please end Please end

Let me vomit in my own stage

With fear

I take off my glasses for a greater blur and I repeat the lines

Done sometimes

Last notes


Pull the string



Blood upon my fingers

No blood

And the string is intact








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