Friday, 22 June 2012

The Blunderbuss Angel said The Union is Forever

He looks like an angel.

He actually looks like a woman.

A broken woman left with a divorce and an inner bruised lip who has intercourse on stage and never orgasms, her partner never managed to, a broken


Love is so deep in his eyes and his need, will to need and give

It’s so deep and blood stained that by the edges it starts to disappear and the desperation makes you want to look away from this angel with his body, his true adrogny which no one has and the curls which are too good to be true

and then

he starts the Blunderbuss songs which the crowd needs and he feeds.

Today is the last day you can sleep with a man or woman.

The crowd wants it, he loves the crowd, the crowd loves him back, but it doesn’t, the crowd is no one.

“Jack the crowd is no one.” I say to him, the concert still behind my eyes and my ears, I’m deaf, blind and fed to death.

I flick the lighter and I throw it up to catch the flame and never burn myself.

“The crowd doesn’t love you back, you can’t be with all of them even if you did, you wouldn’t be happy sleeping with all of them.” I tell Jack, the lighter starting to get too hot around the fire and I grab his shoulders.

He doesn’t call me Jamie he just says nothing.

Today you can sleep with a man or a woman

I don’t kiss him with my lust

I don’t

I’m dead from the gun in my mouth and the angel sees hell with the ghosts and the misfortune

I send the angel to hell to burn with me

I take my pack of cigarettes

and stuff it in his mouth

once hell choses you

you can’t do anything

and the angel is just as pale and looks like a woman and does cut like a buffalo

Jack White with no camera lenses and when he’s in front of you is the most beautiful thing on earth and when you yell that you love him and you would marry him, you mean it

because you want him and heaven

the beauty until you see a broken heart

Jack spits out the box and stands there, tall an

“You’re beautiful”

I tell him and I don’t touch him, he does

Jack does, he runs his hands through me

“Jack.” I stick the box back in and light the cigarettes sticking out and the angel stands there and the union is forever

he burns

the cigarettes burn the box burn the lips and burn the body which collapses as I stroke through the fire to see an angel burn

his body is seen through the flames

and I see his shoulders digging through the veil of death behind me and pulling me behind and kissing my neck

who said the union is forever

it is,




do burn



It is the Jamie stag party request but I'm gonna turn it into a longer story with a non linear plot I believe:)

I've seen Jack yesterday and he looks like nothing how we looks on photos and he is just well, he's the most good looking man on this planet and I've ever seen and he actually does like a woman and well, Jamie is the one who saw it with me as well in this story xD

I hope you've enjoyed it and the title was used with Blunderbuss meaning more the gun than the album and in the concert I actually kept getting bored by the Blunderbuss songs as well, well, I guess I am those White Stripes fans in the crowd

But the concert was worth it and do try to actually ever see this man alive is just gorgeous

Thank you

Feel free to request :)

Because the stag party actually didn't happen here I'm gonna post another chapter earlier today if that's ok :) and feel free to request the rest and I'll use the fact that I have some time in London left before I head back home north :)


The Blunderbuss Angel said The Union is Forever 2


  1. Thank you very much:3 the new chapter is now up :D


  2. I'm so glad I'm not the only one that sees straight through him. Thank you.

  3. Why don't you collect all these writings in a book? It would be great to have a copy of these... You know, many writers aren't so open minded to write about us, I mean, about people who have different sexual prefences.

  4. I'll be honest I've been thinking about it:) but stuff like this is fanfiction and yeah, I would ask Jack White and stuff but would they allow it? :( so yeah, but surely my fiction :) but I've self published before and there is a link on the sidebar if you're interested:) and I like having my stuff online if to be frank unless I'd be sure that everyone who wants to would be able to get a copy of the book I'd do it:) but yeah, I'm thinking:D keep checking might just do it this year who knows:D cheers!!

    It is awfully annoying to find decent fiction with gay characters I know :x it's really really annoying and nearly impossible and you have to raid yourself rather than just stroll in a bookstore so yeah :( but I'm happy that I am giving people decent fiction/fanfiction, that's why I'm here:)