Saturday, 16 June 2012

Let's Dance or Flip

I sit and I start devouring my nails not due to the hunger but the lack of plain outside and the rain strums harder and Faris just wobbles slightly.

“Why the fuck are we even waiting here?” He smirks and I light a cigarette at which Faris wants to say something but in the end closes his eyes, head and leans back, his bright flowery shirt unbuttoning and the collar a bit ripped on the end. Rhys had pointed him that out earlier but he said he’d fix it and he asked for a needle and thread but I had none and Rhys had left with the idea, leaving me to stop smoking as I finnish the cigarette and hold the butt in my hand, pulling my bottom lip.

I look at the clock which is above the door to know where you exit to and I see that it’s taking too long for the pizza to arrive.

I suggest Faris a cigarette and he says nothing and I switch to his side and watch him fake his sleep and I press myself against his shoulder, my cigarette burning in my lips tight to show how fake we are until the bell rings and Faris pats my head up and I finnish the half done cigarette.


I got a The Horrors request without any specific pairing and I ended up settling on Joshua and Faris:3 so yeah:D

Feel free to request :) even if I'm quite behind xD I'm still catching up though:O sort of xD well one story at a day still:3

Thank you!



  1. I think your writing is a little confusing. i am loosing track of who is doing what/ who's point of view it is from. and try only using one 'and' in a sentence if there is a list of things. It makes it sound more professional :) Thank you for writing! The Horrors are fucking amazing.

  2. :) thank you:3 it's from Joshua's point of view:) sorry if I am confusing indeed I guess it's a part of style xD

    thank you:3