Thursday, 21 June 2012

Candy Cane3

Daniel runs a towel through my hair as I sit naked on the bathtub staring at his naked body just as wet as mine and sometimes I just see glimpses of the towel and different fragments of reality and the mise en scéne.

I look up and he notices and leans down to kiss me and push his fingers softly into the clay which is my shoulders and shape me up for another long day in bed or just strolling around London with the vintage stores with Kate’s ghost and Jamie.

I close my eyes too shut and Daniel opens his and we kiss staring for a while, I don’t stop and I keep brushing my fingers against his stubble until it stings.

“Do you want me to shave?” He smiles pushing my hair back and kissing my bleached roots.

“No. I like it.” I smile and he smiles. In the end he pulls on his bathrobe and ties me in it and we make out for a bit softly and he strokes my hips, his fingers sliding down and I stop the kiss and look at him passionately and he gently touches my clit and I throw my hands around him.

We brush our teeth both in our bath robes, a weird idea with buying the same matching odd light green and white stripes and a red and blue toothbrush with one sharing toothpaste and then we depart on the kitchen.

I don’t cook as I just sit looking at Daniel against the sun, like a sparkling silhoutte he shines as he makes food.

Jamie used to make food after I made a bad version of spaghetti and he did it afterwards, also keeping me like this, so I sulk and think of all the things there ever is to think about about love and lust and thoughts and clubs and drugs

and Jamie.

I get tea and I blow the steam off, avoiding Daniel, trembling from the past, future and present.


I'm heading off to see Jack White:D so yeah:3 excited, tired and  hwrkfhjewjfkh yeah :D but I'll still be updating and posting:3

Heading off in White Stripes colors. Haha xD


Candy Cane4

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