Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Pale Blue Eyes

Pale blue eyes and I stand in the line, pulling my hair away from my face as I see the young girl give different caffeine drinks to people and saying the same phrases about the summer offers even if today is too cold even for a hot drink and I don’t unzip my clothing and I just wait in line, sometimes glancing at her short hair and wondering if she would say anything for my third small latte and instead I take two caramel waffles together in a plastic bag and I smile at her.

She won’t say anything.

I still smile and I say my name and I expect her to write on the waffles but she doesn’t.

Instead I click my nails.

“Yeah and coffee.” And the blonde girl laughs, shrugs and puts my name on the plastic cup.

“Anything else?” She asks and I smile.

“No.” And I walk away, not saying anything, neither does she.

I drink the coffee in front of her, wanting to puke though.

The next time I see her, the barista’s hair is black and she is sucking on a peppermint lollypop, lazily sitting on the counter and it’s early morning and I say hi to her and she jumps off getting the coffee for me and I sit for an hour staring at her throw the lollypop stick and her hair in her eyes and how it covers her face and I still see her sucking her treat as I keep drinking my coffee.

We both don’t say anything as it’s time for me to leave for work and I stand up the next day now her hair is a bit shorter and she smiles at me.

Eyes on me and I just tremble lightly.

It’s too early for other workers and the possibility of actually coming out to someone else who is not in your mirror seems odd, so we both smile and this time we both drink our coffees on the counter.

“How long do you come here?” She asks now her head shaved.

“A year.” The question obviously about my crush on her, so I just drink my coffee.

The barista smiles.

“What’s your name?” I ask her when her hair is short and blonde again.

“Agyness.” She smiles.

“Oh.” I smile back.

Pale Blue Eyes2

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