Monday, 25 June 2012

The Blunderbuss Angel said The Union is Forever 2

Your sexuality is like a slap.

A slap from everyone you’ve ever known to see who

Makes you you and well, those who match your life and who you are.

In the end I just walked in with all the confetti after running down a list of people who didn’t seem gay enough to dance in my waltz and I vomited them out, Jamie was next, I wanted to get out and here we were, all of us where I had wanted to run and be myself and I am given a coctail with a cherry and I squinge on it, so sour and I look at Hince breaking a glass bottle above his head and his shirt and I see blood pouring down.

He told me that I am beautiful when he were drunk, so I swing closer just to swing, just to grasp as he is the whirlwind of the confetti which Alison is throwing and the blood which Kate is bleeding.

Gay is who you are.

Grab your lover

Grab your lover

“Grab your lover” I yell at Jamie mimicking a song I’ve never even heard off and Jamie drops on his knees and laughs and I laugh and I’m an angel to him as he threads his hands and heels.

“You’re an angel.” And we both hesiate.

Because there is no confetti and we are broken pinatas because the society doesn’t want us, we don’t make out with seventeen year old girls, we are men in love, men who should fight and only the gays will care


when the confetti is under our pride and when the query is gay to collide with other gays

if someone beats us up

bu coming out

is what people think are mere sexual fantasies

which are not

hair coukd be it

pubic or not

but not



take it away

and the person will drown in it’s all vomit

in all it’s spit

like a halo

to drown

in an ayla

and a sun

to dance

and whirl

and dance

and whirl

and dance

and whirl

and dance

and whirl

and dance

and whirl

until loose and hold

and scream

until loose and hold

and I gasp me

him out

and the room is square for us to feel uncomofortbale and that’s it

that’s it

we smile

and dance

and whirl


to fall with no confetti in our sky

only sequins of drugs to fall upon our tongue and the lights

the lights

the light Jamie which I will give

once we are dead

the angel and the devil

and the book of Hell

written collapse


Non linear:) request please xD


The Blunderbuss Angel said The Union is Forever 3

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