Monday, 18 June 2012

Broken Black Varnish Requiem

I try opening the nail varnish bottle with my teeth already as Alex sits on one of the boxes which build up a shrine and the television is on with numerous ads telling us what to buy and how to look at what to watch.

He puts his hand on the back of my head and as soon as my teeth fail to open the bottle his lips meet mine and we stop briefly.

The bottle falls on the carpet and makes a noise and I just grab Alex further onto me.

“Hey.” He kisses my forehead again and we both sit up.

Alex ends up turning off the lights and I don’t say anything and I sit against the wall and he crawls over to me.

“Strawberries?” He asks me and I nod, kissing his neck briefly and he smiles crawling down and kissing my waist before standing up.

Alex fixes his shirt and I feel him being embarrassed and we both are with us moving into a house in another part which we both never lived and Alex knocked a few shelves of milk down yesterday in the local grocery store and ruined his beaten up Converse even more which I’ve been using as slippers today and he just walked around the house.

I see his lips tremble as I watch him swirl the strawberries in the bowl and then he takes them out.

“Hey! Not yet.” I do the rest for him and he just presses his head against my neck as we look onto the autumn garden, wondering how many snowflakes will fall, how the birds will crawl in the morning as we’ll smoke outside and I suggest painting my nails black outside until winter will come again next year and we’ll grow old someday laughing, knowing what awaits and which mistakes we’ve always done.

Alex smokes as I break the black nail varnish and the wind does a pattern on it with the grass and we share the cigarette to walk back home and crawl into bed and we get food poisoning anyway the next morning as we wake and run towards the bathroom to enjoy the rest of our tapes and venues to join in.


I actually just got food poisoning from strawberries yesterday, so inspiring, never going to wash anything by myself again -.- I'm useless when it comes to food, so yeah XD

And while I had been doing stickers on my nails the idea of the black nail varnish came along and the cheesiness from cheesiness really:3 Yeah, sometimes I don't need the bus xD Initially I had an another idea but used the later one instead:3

I hope you really enjoyed it as I did:3 yeah all the happy stories are with Alex XD

Thank you:3


Broken Black Varnish Requiem 2


  1. love love love this

  2. awww, thank you :D there will be the next chapter on Friday :3


  3. where can i start from the beginning. I just just found the blog and I am interested.

  4. Well, there's a bunch of different stories which are finished or still currently being written, I guess the easiest way would be to go to the fanfiction page of the sidebar and choose anything you feel like really:D and feel free to ask and request :)

    and this is the first chapter of currently two and another two will be posted soon :)

    thank you so much and sorry for the messy and confusing blog layout XD


  5. my godd!! love it!!

  6. Thank youuuuu:3 :3 :3

    the next chapter will be added to the queue :3 please keep checking :3

    thank you:3