Thursday, 28 June 2012

I Can't Wait4

Sometimes innocence attracts you because you think that a blank paper might be good and that it won’t shatter because it’s so old in your fingers and you’d be left with nothing and the floor left with all the dust you’d want and sucking it back up in your mouth is not so good in a dusty room.

I look at Alison as we meet up and she wears a wig this time, myself with a baseball cap just for the confidentiality and it’ll be gone soon and we end up watching a shit movie in the back, both our legs pinned against the chairs in front and we start throwing popcorn towards the sky and half of it ends up in her red wig.

What if I just love her as a friend and I was a virgin when we met and she had been on top, soothing me and it was amazing and fuck, it was good it had been after quite a while when we started dating, I had told her I liked her and she smiled, we ended up being in bookstores, Alison shoving and throwing and hurling books at me and I’d ask her of books she’d know and sometimes she’d buy stuff she read before just for the feel of that I had suggested her something, so she kept buying and then we both laughed when our money had been tight and she invited me over.

“I really like you.” And she lit a cigarette, passing it towards me and I inhaled, it had been like a kiss with a kiss which followed.

I stalked her for a year before that kiss and I had made sure I danced in front of her at the school dances and that I’d stick before and after her class.

Now Mr. Hince had been her colleague at university, he was a few years older when she had met him in a bar and they had kissed, Alison claiming that both were pissed then, as she drinks more of her drink as we say that above chips and her hair is terrified along with every muscle.

She doesn’t say a lot and she looks around at the pub, leaning her head back and notices the teacher with the smile.

“Hi, Meg.” Is not what she says, instead we talk about more things we officially talk to and fuck afterwards hard, Alison ends up getting a bruise for being too rough against the wall and I’ve gotten my shoulder bit to the bone and wounded blood to heal.

I Can't Wait5


  1. This is really good. Is this the last chapter, or there is more?

  2. Noooo it's far not the last chapter :D just that no one requested for quite a while:D

    So there will be more now!!:D yaaaay!

    It will be written and posted after the rest on the list, keep checking on the right sidebar:3

    thank you:D