Thursday, 31 May 2012


I hate London

I miss London

And that’s with what I lay awake sometimes.

And I inhale the smoke he gets out from his mouth and we end up trailing at this time of the month, it’s the beginning of June when you start getting bored and the end of summer seems far and everything is infinite and daily become nothing, the same toast with jam only without any rush and walking around the streets, only CDs making the day brighter or band rehearsals but that would be it.

I walk into everything he does and he trails behind me and we don’t speak for an awful lot and in one store he waits outside smoking the summer air, his hair a bit longish and clearly hadn’t been cut last week and he seems untouched by the chain smoking he’s been practicing with me and I just stare as if he would be the shop display instead of me and I guess

Yeah, he’s cute

And there’s too much time to kill, so we head outside and wander off deeper into London and each buy a 99 flake, to sit on someone’s stairs as the buildings get pricer and we don’t bother and then he starts asking about me, finnishing his cone and the heat gets stronger and he unbuttons his shirt, revealing a necklace which has no meaning behind for me and I lean stronger against the stairs.

I reveal my age but he takes me to the pub anyway and I watch him drink cheap alcohol as  I end up with one pint and he has three and we leave, Jamie complaining how hot it is.

In the end we get bored with the day and leave all the apartments and back where I heard him play just to stop at what I believe is his doorstep, the boredom is the factor so we both head in and he presses me against the wall, taking a condom from somewhere behind me as he kisses me and my chin aches from his piercing and I hold my eyes open as he flushes and is messy, getting rid of my shirt and alcohol mix with cigarettes as I have no bar on and he takes his shirt off, summer air and I feel his sweat as he mutters something against my neck and my jeans are off.

I keep gasping as he grinds against me, taking the hair off my forehead.

There are a lot of meotions and none as he goes in.

I gasp again and he tells me to ease, holding my cheeks, kissing me, spreading my legs, the carpet’s edges digging into my back as then he pulls me on top, but he does all the moves.

In the end I ease and I sink deeper and deeper, gasping, more sweat and we both come and he holds me for quite a while.

I keep breathing heavily as we avoid contact despite our bodies still linked until he slides out and takes off the condom, pulling me towards him, both eyes closed and we kiss.

Underwear on and we stare at the door and open it in the end to look out on the street and we share my first cigarette and another to make a longer chain to exhale together out of the summer and boredom.

I hate London.



  1. This is the end? Love it :) xx

  2. It's not:D now there shall be the next chapter:3

    Keep checking the sidebar:D

    Thank you so much:3


    1. You're welcome. Love how they are so young, and it a bit tense and awkward and shy :) And Jamie with piercings :P

    2. I knooow:D I love it myself, I fangirl over my ideas as well XD


  3. this is great <3 I can almost feel them

  4. :D thank youuuuu

    feel free to request:3