Sunday, 27 May 2012

What Difference Does It Make7

The relationship between Alison and Jamie amuses me up to the point that I wake up and Alison is sitting on my knees and slides a knife on her tongue, leaving the red trail on my back as I feel something slice it and I gasp.

I look at her as she lays down besides me, smiling, her teeth red and how the blood slides out in a path for dreams to follow and her eyes seem blue as she stands up, naked, the clothes shattering like confetti and she breaks a piƱata on the way to the bathroom and I wake in the middle of the night to Paul and his glasses on my back as I stand up.

He wakes up and I stroke his hair until he falls asleep and I smoke in the bathroom, filling up the bathtub.

Straight men amuse me.

They love women, but not a person. They love models, they are women, they love things which scream that

I think being gay is the acceptance of a person rather than humping someone

I take out the cigarette, knowing that Jamie won’t go for Alison.

What Difference Does It Make8

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