Thursday, 17 May 2012

Sparkly Plastic Machine2

The morning is like unboiled egg yolk, it’s disgusting with the morning erupting the air and all three of us opening the small window and leaning out to smoke and we have a big gray building with no windows just walls and traces of morning rain, the frying pan.

Our smoke is like snow so technically we have all season so we can clap our hands, instead Paul gets pushed out by Daniel out of mockery and I look at the stray cats below and a few on the roof and then everything goes silent.

Daniel goes to make us breakfast before I kick him out and I see Paul on the floor laying shirtless besides the cue now smoking for the room to sink in afterwards and Daniel watches him from the couch as I make us all salad, satisfying all the stupid preferences and I put on the apron after I’m done making it just to feel something and no hands behind me as I wonder how long would it take for Daniel to mention Paul’s kiss rather than my stolen cue.

I pour more sauce into the salad, unscrewing everything there is for the sauce to be some sort of soup material and then I throw the salad away leaving everything unnoticed by the two men.

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