Monday, 14 May 2012

Candy Cane2

I fall into the lukewarm to me water and Daniel pulls me close, kissing my face all over slowly, his eyes closed, most likely excited from tension as he frenches me a bit too eagerly but then holds himself, slowing down, stroking my hair, easing me under his touch as his fingertips touch my cheek as I open my eyes and I feel the water go hotter as I ease and I just end up in his arms around me, the hug surely different from Jamie’s.

I feel his light stubble on my cheek unlike Jamie who had been clean shaving lately after I had mumbled years ago that I liked him clean.

I sighted, my hair going deeper into the water as I sunk in and Daniel grabbed a cigarette, giving me the first drag as I looked into the wall, seeing a reflection I did not and I exhale, looking above and closing my eyes as Daniel took my hand.

I shake from while to while nervous of how calm it feels to live with him, even if sometimes I just wake up and I see myself wandering off home in the night as he lays and then he opens his eyes and he doesn’t touch me, he just looks until I lean in to kiss him.

He makes toasts in the morning and cuts fruit salad before I wake, his eyes scanning through the morning newspaper as he consumes a banana with the information and I wander in his pajamas, kissing him and falling in his arms for a more soothing relaxation than sleep.

Daniel kisses the back of my neck.

I feel bad for not letting him come, so I tense up and he tells me it’s alright.

I look to see him soft, his eyes soft and I kiss him, gently letting my tongue in as he holds my waist and I take his hand and get two fingers inside me as he now holds his eyes open as I get turned on as he plays with my clit and I gasp as I try to get him inside but instead Daniel holds my face and hushes me and we just stare at each other for a long while as I start to cry and he holds me, kissing my shoulders.

I end up missing Jamie too much sometimes, but it’s more of a I can’t look into your eyes, Jamie, because our love was not enough, maybe because it weren’t love at all and I kiss Daniel, shifting and letting him go inside me, as I’m on top and he thrusts his hips up, our lips parting for gasps of air and the water running out onto the floor and the bath mat and we hold hands, tongues rubbing in mid air before they sneak into a mouth of ours and Daniel bites my nipple and pulls hard as we both come and we both shake and thrust before collapsing underneath the water to go on the surface a second later, coughing and laughing, Daniel still inside me as we kiss.

Candy Cane3

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