Friday, 18 May 2012

Dagger In My Head2

She just lays there for a while as I light a cigarette for her, turning off the lights, she does it for me, maybe for her not to see me so I just lean closer into the couch so that I’d fall behind and maybe then

You have bad thoughts after an orgasm comes always, so the only light comes from the tip of each cigarette, so I observe the tip get up and the rustling of clothes and I see how the tip gets dressed and just stands there observing the other tip.

The tip dies and my eyes get used to the dark and I see Kate standing in the middle, darkness on both sides and I feel how sweaty and how wet it is from the waist down and around my breasts as her mouth had been there and I finnish my cigarette, now my tip being the one to die as she fades out into the light.

Dagger In My Head3