Sunday, 6 May 2012

Sparkly Plastic Machine

It’s too much time to kill, so choosing something from a vending machine at night is another way when hunger is at your throat.

I want to buy something from the stores which are closed, but instead I stand in front of the vending machine with chocolate not feeling like chocolate, as Daniel tries to play pool behind me.

I turn around and hit the white ball, turning back to the vending machine, Daniel’s tie loosen, unlike me he didn’t try to sleep and Paul lulls with his beer, flipping through channels when the television is off, closing his eyes and glasses falling down on the sofa with him.

I hit the white ball again as I catch Daniel who asks me what will there be for breakfast and I tell him bacon, mockingly and he smirks.

I hit a few more balls, even if Daniel wins and the vending machine stays open for the night.

I choose some crisps and I share them with Daniel before we decide to lift Paul up to the bed, leaving the weird lobby and in the elevator Paul wakes up to look at both of us.

I choose to share my chewing gum with Daniel as Paul wakes up and kisses Daniel briefly, who kisses him back.

I raise an eyebrow, carrying the cue back with me for no reason, maybe to break it with the morning, as I try to play with the gum in my mouth, watching Paul try to hold on his feet as Daniel tries to look away.


Sorry for the delay and I hope you enjoyed it:3 Feel free to request further :D

The weird lobby is actually a room I know XD so yeah xD it's a weird nice room:3

Thank you


Sparkly Plastic Machine2

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