Wednesday, 2 May 2012

State Of Magic Play

Don’t touch me but you still did until you started dating her.

I snapped at you if you liked her too much and you just nodded and you said you loved her in another way.

“Where were you?”

Jamie asks, both of us making no touch a religion and sometimes we crawl into each others’ bed on tour and Jamie just turns away from me on stage and I gasp getting a quick sip of water before I can and Jamie just looks at me even more.

My lips are trembling.

“Last day of magic.” And the lights should crush down and the words just go through my mouth as I feel his love stroking my face, something beyond a brother but never a love to penetrate the pain before you get used to the feel so we just kiss in bed.

“I’ll be the man with the broom.” And shove me aside, will you, you’ll let me brake with all those glances and smiles won’t you, Jamie?

You’ll just keep nodding, because I’ll never drag you by the collar and you just press me harder to see where will I brake up to the point that I think when I will be dying you’ll be standing still, maybe kissing me briefly as I die in your arms but you won’t be the one to say ‘I love you’ as a lover, as something we were and we are.

So keep strumming, keep strumming dear, as I keep singing

and you’ll have that longing

all your life


you and I are lost

in a state of magic play.

as we end

and leave the stage.

Dagger In My Head

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