Tuesday, 22 May 2012


People started having sex when I was fourteen, both guys and girls and I guy from my band had it with a girl a few nights ago mentioning how good you felt and how suddenly you feel different just staring at the sky and then everything made sense and clicked.

He dated that girl for a good while later.

I remember the trip I had with my parents and how I wondered off to see newsagents scattered and people smoke rolled up tobacco and laugh.

I remember the street and how someone had decided to build a tent above a store light and I just sat there waiting for maybe my parents to trigger along.

I headed into one of the newsagents and bought two postcards, each postcard was meant for two people and I walked into a post office paying with local coins to see the Queen and I handed them off, ruffling my short hair and in the end I was out to walk through the tall houses which seemed older than all the streets I’ve walked back home.

I started hearing music and I walked on further, twirling slightly and then I came back to my fast pace with huge footsteps glancing at how the white Converse shoelaces started getting gray as they interacted with the loops.

I saw a young man playing with a piercing in his nose and his chin pierced as he just sat underneath a staircase, playing, not looking up and I just stopped as he let himself smoke a cigarette and he glanced at me, as I stayed there and I wondered how flat I was for whatever reason and I looked at his pierced ear and how the smoke slowly went from his mouth.

He surely had to be in his early twenties.

His dark green eyes fixed on me and then he started playing again as I sat on the sidewalk on my hoodie, rolling up the sleeves of my shirt and he stared at me and started laughing and in the end he stood up and picked his guitar and started packing.

I watched him for a while and I didn’t say anything and he just left.

I sat there for a while and he strolled back.

“What’s your name?” He asked me a bit worried and he stared at the blonde steak in my hair and I glanced up from the ground, my Converse and jeans, I blushed.

Maybe I could have sex with him.

“Alison.” I said and he replied with an oh and smiled.

He lit another cigarette, looking at my bright black t-shirt with random colours splattered all over.

“Jamie.” And he smiles.

Jamie seems a bit too ugly at first sight and his voice is too soft, barely ruined by smoking as if he had just started recently and the pierced chin still has one of the after piercing earrings and I smile back, still on the sidewalk.

“You play guitar, Alison?” Jamie asks me, smiling and smoking another cigarette, his clothes stale with smoke as if he could’ve had a gray cloud triggering his moves and waving hi to everyone else.

“No.” I say and look at him.

He seems nice.


The name came from Callie saying that it's Fiji there as in Jamie and that's where the title came from, really while she was reading.

Even though Jamie is way before Fiji here, I still find his choice a bit odd, I mean no offense but I'm not interested in imagining his parents have sex in Fiji.

I apologize heavily for not making the request yet, I got caught up and I realized that it might be more interesting as a novel in the end, but I promise she'll lose her virginity soon, as that was the request.

I'm sorry about that and as an apology I'll have the next chapter starting from Saturday, as I'm running late and I hope I will be forgiven and you loved it as much as I do :D



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