Monday, 28 May 2012

I Can't Wait3

Once you start caring you hear all the rumors around you as if someone is passing a big green top hat around and it flashes in your eyes, so I start hearing more and more about Mr. Hince and Alison, how Mr. Hince has a dog and that his ring is made from white gold with Kate written on the inside, that he had fucked Alison once in the cafeteria, that he takes his dog out.

And he does.

I walk in the park once, eating an ice cream and I see him in a sleeveless shirt due to weather and he throws the frisbee at the black labrador and the dog catches it and he strokes the dog’s ears as I see the gold bracelet dangle on his hand and I start digging into my cone as I fix my sunglasses, watching Hince do his life.

I see him with the dog again the next day and as he throws the frisbee on the way to school with the labrador I imagine his cock slowly going inside Alison as she cringes at first and then pulls him closer, gasping, tongues out, his hands harshly around her body, looking forward to each thrust of pleasure and I keep sucking on my peppermint candy as I go inside the school and Mr. Hince walks past.

A day off.

And the hat is passed on as

“Jack fucks Alison now.” And I hear a few giggles and I see a teacher turn around, her hair in two high pigtails and her skirt red with an older teacher.

“That’s your teacher you’re talking about, girls.” And she shakes her head as the pigtailed teacher just glances at me and smiles.

She looks young and I glance at her chest mechanically, our society and television provides us enough boob information, so I need a smoke and I head out to see Alison all black, gloomy and with a lighter she flicks and glances at me, chewing her cigarette as she watches the flame die.

“Some assholes believe we fucked.” She exhales, as I look at her big black ring. She seems too black today with her hair down and looks like she had used scissors yesterday on her hair so I glance up to see the sky with her.

“Fuckers.” I laugh.

We never fuck in school.

We fuck outside school besides when we just started dating which was years and a year really.

I Can't Wait4

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