Sunday, 20 May 2012

What Difference Does It Make6

I head into the bookstore, just browsing and I see Alison flicking through expensive books of photography, her camera in hand and I see Jamie browsing around, showing her random books and I see the ring on his finger and how heavy Alison’s finger might feel in this context.

In the end Jamie goes out with a few books in hand and I watch him smoke for a bit and it gets a bit too attractive so I go outside and ask him for a cigarette, neither of us talking and Jamie flicking through one of the books, poking his bottom lip. I understand why Alison goes for Jamie. I understand why Alison goes for Paul.

I don’t understand how neither of them don’t go for her, so I head back in and I see Alison sitting on the floor and flicking, her hair covering half the page and I grab a random book and sit besides her, really looking at hers and she even holds the page longer now for me and I nod with a small sound.

In the end she throws her arms around me, pulling me close and I dig my face into her hair, feeling the covers hide me from the light and I escape for a while my lips glued to her hair and I see where the black fights with the pink and I want to sleep with her, dream something as I hold her to wake in her arms and see dreams fade in her eyes as the morning comes to day and we awake.

I pull back and I think of Paul who pushed me out, saying he had to meet a friend and he was cooking tonight and I thought of him messing with his hair and putting on a tie just because I’m a pest sometimes and he’d walk out and then we’d spend the evening with wine, laughing, maybe playing some darts for no reason and then kissing until sex would evolve

And I get an erection, so I pull back and I smile at Alison.

What Difference Does It Make7

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