Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Chop Your Head Off In The Office

An office would be somewhat of a bus with all these people sitting and you keep staring ahead, wanting the seat upfront, right or left due to preferences and you don’t want anyone sitting next to you, they can break the glass, can’t they? And then you just sit there all over again on the bus stop, waiting for the job with a cigarette if you can afford it.

Second seat with Paul’s neck right on front of me so that I go to his office on lunch break and I invite him over to eat and I watch him eat as he just looks down, past the food as if he’s looking bellow at the people who serve the bus or who are on the lower floor of our double decker.

Sometimes I get to pissed at him and drink my juice with a pissed face but then he just looks at me and I feel him patting my cheek but he doesn’t.

We’re on a light and we move, as I stand up with my suitcase and sit besides Paul staring at the world in front we’d pass, as he looks at me.


I had the idea for a few days and here it is, I like double deckers and I'm obsessed with the front seat so I actually shift when it's empty XD I'm insane and yeah



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