Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Candy Cane

I keep brushing my teeth as he watches me on the edge of the bathtub, the idea being of sleeping first rather than everything, everything is too formal rather than Jamie doing some vegan food in the oven and then eating it with plates on the knees rewatching Twin Peaks for no reason, trying to spot something missed.

Daniel hugs me from behind and I shift myself closer, my hands on the sink as I try to understand how soft my face would be.

He invited me out for dinner earlier and it had been weird with everyone just waltzing around and I just had a dark blue suit, chewing slowly, Daniel saying that it wasn’t a dancing place, but it felt like Christmas with all the lights and we hadn’t kissed properly, the man waiting until I would and maybe in all this haze he kisses me harder and I don’t flinch, no mistletoes scattered and I close my eyes to ease seeing a happy woman in the reflection and I just turn around to let my tongue in and he presses his body against me.

We can greet the new year like this like we did last year with the snow and the couples dancing around as I watched with my hair still black and messy and it had been after Jamie had called me saying he had watched all of Twin Peaks with Kate over the weekend.

Then we rewatched it on New Year’s eve, you never mentioning that the New Year started instead we briefly held hands and that’s how the year went even if I lived and slept in your bed, crawling to your side by the end of the night and mumbling something as you’d listen and I would fall asleep.

Daniel pushes me to the bathtub, filling it in, taking my clothes off, giving me an option of a bath as he sits on the floor, my legs around his neck and he takes off my underwear and I stroke his hair, quickly leaning to kiss his forehead and he strokes my legs and maybe it’s my face or maybe it’s Christmas but he lightly kisses my clit and I fall into the bathtub, laughing and wet, as he strips and joins me, running his hands through my hair, pulling my lip with his own and stroking my body, playing with my nipples, as I keep frenching him, nervous, timid as he puts me back on the edge.

Daniel gives me a full lick and I grab his head to press it harder and hold my legs as he sits in the water and I start trembling from the cold and he throws water on me, but instead I keep gasping, stroking his hair as his tongue thrusts in and out of me as I bite my lips every time and thrust slightly against his mouth, stroking his daily stubble and I catch his eyes and he likes the colour of my cheeks as I stroke his cheek more, as he goes slower, his fingers on my clit now and I barely sit.

He spreads my legs wider as he takes out his tongue and just works on my clit, briefly going to lick my entrance and when I’m near he thrusts in again and I come, clinging heavily onto his head and he just smiles, pressing his head against my stomach, kissing it and kissing me all over until I am in his arms and I curl myself, quickly glancing at his erection.

Fear seems to fade and he tells me not to bother, kissing my cheek, mumbling love into me.

Candy Cane2

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