Monday, 7 May 2012

I Can't Wait2

High School is the place you won’t even miss as it just flows and is heard. Alison bragged that she got back to it, enjoying the job, but she wouldn’t want to be thrown from classroom to classroom as we do with no one caring about the knowledge obtained, as we both sit outside, as I wonder how come no one cares, but all we do is sit around passing the nachos gained in the cafeteria lines.

We don’t do anything in school, besides our first kiss as she turned around and she clutched my neck, pulling me closer and we made an agreement of holding.

She fixes her hair and we both mutter something.

Our excuse is the projects we always have, myself always doing things for school’s social events and Alison helping me. No one has evidence and I’ve been told to have been trouble sometimes and then someone labelled me socially awkward which gave us a laugh.

I’ve been at her house with all those records stocked up, we don’t just fuck all the time, usually we sit, showing each other obtained records in thrift stores while chain smoking and smiling, music expressing ourselves, sometimes we both pick up guitars and we actually do what is expected of us before I fling it aside and Alison keeps playing as I bite her neck, I told her I loved her and she turned around once and replied mutual.

I pass her the nachos and we finnish them, muttering what to do with Halloween as I throw the nacho pack away and the drama teacher strolls by, waving at Alison, his other hand with a ring in his pocket, maybe still shy being too young and already married.

I look at Mr. Hince and back at Alison.

I’ve heard the rumors of their fling and I’ve heard other female teachers ask Alison during a coffee break, myself strolling behind her with her electic guitar, waiting for her.

I never asked her neither that cut out photo of them grinning.

The only thing I’ve seen well, was today.

I walked around her apartment, left from her parents, stopping on a vinyl with a woman with a man, both quite dim.

Alison sat on the floor, watching me, smoking, the used packets of cigarettes between us, as if we could do a campfire and do marshamallows from them. I should ask her if we have marshmallows, but I don’t, intstead I sit down and I put the vinyl to play and Alison just closes her eyes as her younger voice fills the room and I suppose Mr. Hince must be the guitar there and I just fall on the floor, the cardboard small boxes my pillows, as Alison crawls to me and we kiss.

I slide a hand up her back, stroking her, unclasping her bra.

Music speaks for more.

I keep rubbing my tongue against her, not mentioning anything, as I take off her shirt and she undoes my jeans and I open my eyes to see my woman flushed and I stroke the redness in her cheeks, kissing her and leaning to see her a bit teary and I pull her on top of me, as she strokes my cock through the underwear and I take off her jeans and we lie there naked, sharing a cigarette, letting the vinyl finish.

 I Can't Wait3

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