Saturday, 19 May 2012

Jack's Gun

“I think he likes blondes.” A girl giggles as I just shuffle behind people who made the way in and started drinking our vodka and I try to find Jamie.

“Yeah, that’s why she’s going so blonde lately.” The other girl replied, one has dark brown hair the other seems too bleached and both in platform boots with The Kills t-shirts, maybe there had been a giveaway and I’ve seen them walk around poking people, just asking random stuff before giggling.

“Spinster.” And they both end up laughing, holding each other’s hands and I just stop to look at them, feeling smaller even if I am taller and then they look at me and then back at each other, laughing and it feels like everything goes mute besides their laughter as I get a headache and they take a bottle of vodka and share it between each other.

One points at me.

“I’m sure Jamie would cheat if she’d be more willing. So stuck up.” They’re drunk.

I should call the security, but then I’m not better on the drinking state, seeing Kate walk around with a bouquet which apparently Jamie had gotten her and I’ve seen them kiss already, I wonder where would Jack be as he promised to pop in, both of us muttering too much about Moss and my current relation.

“Hey, Alison.” One of the girls scream at me and I don’t turn around. “I could fuck Jamie.”

And I stop.

I hear the room stop.

“Shame you can’t. I think he likes blondes and people with less boob.” And she laughs. “You should chop the rest, the little bits you have.”

The blonde breaks the bottle of vodka and it’s on the floor as the brunette strokes the blonde’s hair back and kisses her on the lips, forcing her tongue in and then the blonde breaks her.

I end up being next to them, holding nothing in my hands.

“What, bitch?” And she laughs and the brunette chokes on her own laughter.

I just stare I think I might’ve slipped something or maybe I never did, but I got a punch in my face and I fell.

Then I felt a kick in the side of my ribs.

“Hey, fuck me, I’m kicking Mosshart!” I feel people running round checking for security as I curl into a ball and my hair feels like a chocking scarf and I just lay there as she pour vodka over my face and I breathe it in.

I stand up and I look at the girl.

Then I see Jack holding her from behind, the brunette just staring and now trying to hold a conversation with Jamie who saw nothing.

I feel a shard against my face and I take it out and it happens too fast, I trace it on her face.

She kicks me down.

The blonde and Jack end up hurling each other against the floor as I just watch, my head buzzing too hard as I wish I had a gun.

I’d pull her hair and I’d click it.

To get more silence.

With Jack taking her body out and then we’d sit.


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