Saturday, 12 May 2012

Bar Eyes (Used Lighter Prequel)

I pulled the hood up, making it too obvious as I recall now, as I was too shy to flash fake ID, so I’d try one pub every day, none taking only when letting me sit inside with the smell of alcohol and cigarettes and laughter as I’d sip coke.

I was too shy to ask for the bars which didn’t ID you, but I would smoke some cigarettes, hoping my coke looking like it had rum in it, as I’d wander off after a glass back onto the street to see some people scatter as the night would fall into it’s break and I would just stroll back home, hood up again.

I stopped once in front of a bar as people were walking out of a restaurant looking at the fake decorations of black flowers intertwining and a few old tattered posters.

I walked in, no men on the entrance to ID, maybe due to the region not being in the centre and a big black door to open up laughter, beer and smoke just like any bar and I walked in, past all the people to one of the bar stools and I sat there, twirled a bit and I looked to the bartender chew on a cigarette.

“What can I get you?” With a string of mockery and I said rum and coke. He looked at me, chewing the tip and poured me half.

I didn’t complain as I got it and I swallowed a bit down, before he gave me a straw and started serving what appeared to be a cheap stag party involving nearly middle aged men yelling at each other to drink more beer and I caught a pair of brown bar eyes look at me. I looked at the bartender and smiled, finishing my drink and he poured me another half, watching me as I gulped it down, my hair showing from my hood.

I looked as a few men dropped their shots on the floor at the same time and one of the men yelled the bartender to come over and he jumped from behind and started cleaning up, staring in front.

I got three more drinks and one of the men managed to get into a bar fight with some woman who didn’t seem too attractive and in the end the man had glass in his arm.

I kept drinking, as I suspected he had started giving me coke but the thought that it might still be alcohol was starting to make me nauseous but I kept watching how the fight resolved even if it were over with the woman hissing at the man and how the man grabbed her shoulders, forcing a kiss and how she hurled him aside and through her shot into his arm, blood trickling down and how the brown bar eyes caught the red and he told the man to follow him.

Neither came back and my coke was finished.

I considered myself officially drunk for the first time in my life most likely for the fuck of it.


Basically this is how Alison ended up being bitten in detail, as requested. :D I hope you enjoyed it!!!:3 Feel free to request the next chapter or anything else :3 Please do :3


Bar Eyes 2

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