Tuesday, 15 May 2012

What Difference Does It Make5

We end up taking a bath later and in the morning Alison walks in when Paul is sleeping and we silently drink tea, as I just look around ignoring Alison and her coffee. She mumbles how Paul broke up with her since she stumbled in, a warm coat for her red eyes in this hot spring and her clothing seems like the first thing she found and a scarf is just hanging around her, something like what she paced around in the town with after Jamie got married.

That’s roughly when Alison met Paul, most likely he soothed her and that was it.

I kissed the same mouth she kissed, so roughly we had shared a kiss and we had shared the same body, I had penetrated a body which penetrated her, well, nearly there and I look at Alison and her coffee and I take her hand, smiling, not saying anything as neither does she, the morning doing the silence for both of us which we don’t say.

In the end we go outside just to stride as I excuse myself and quickly mumble into Paul’s ear that I’ll be out and drop a note just incase for us to carry the woman’s heavy coat as we walk past the drowsy streets with the loud cars and Alison still shakes and on the nearest bench she ends up crying and I just stare at her before I head off and buy her some cotton candy at a stand and we both sit as she holds it without eating it.

“I don’t like cotton candy.” She mumbles in the end holding and it feels like it’s gonna end up melting in her hand.

“Neither.” And then we look at each other.

I think we both have the drunk dumb feel where we could’ve kissed, but we don’t and Alison just drops the cotton candy off onto the pavement as if it would, it is, it feels like a balloon which floats away and we watch the cars.

I don’t mention Paul.

I just head in and see him lying on the bed diagonally when I drop off Alison and head back at noon, smiling and clutching my pillow, my tie loosen around his neck and I start counting his stubble before he wakes and I smile.


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What Difference Does It Make6

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