Friday, 4 May 2012

Dagger In My Head

The smoke is too stale that I can barely see and I have the light off, the cigarette dangling off my teeth and I light it to make it burn more and I exhale trying to make the smoke strong and hard.

The light expands with the door as she walks in and sits on the couch beside me.

For a second she doesn’t do anything and neither do I and then she looks at me and presses a fresh kiss on my lips and I take her because of the body and her lipstick sticks to her lips so I scrub harder with my tongue.

I slide a hand between her legs and she closes her eyes.

I give her the cigarette and she drags it.

I slide two fingers in her and she flinches.

A deal is a deal.

So I keep licking her until I’ve had enough of her body thrusting against my mouth and how her hands trail on my own as she licks me as well or massages my body, saying how I were on stage until Jamie walks in with us both dressed for a brief second and then I take off her shirt and start biting her shirt, telling her that I love her with my lips trembling and Kate doesn’t do anything, just keeps dying her hair blonde when she has to and I kiss another kiss on her shoulder.

I trace my fingers on her shoulderblades and she presses her face against the sofa, it’s too much like prostitution and I sit beside her naked, giving more smoke into the room, giving yourself in order not to give your husband away and I just lean back and look at the lady.

I do a smoke chain, coughing and finnishing myself off.


I've had this for a long while if to be very honest xD I think I wrote it before I had the request and kept it, as I've been quite busy in general with study and health, sorry about that and I hope you enjoyed it:3

Thank you so much


Dagger In My Head2

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