Thursday, 3 May 2012

What Difference Does It Make4

I call Paul to have breakfast with me but instead I greet him as I go down and I light a cigarette and so does he, fixing his hat and smiling for a second we both smile and smoke silently, hunger staying away but in the end we head in and I feel as if we all live in the same building and Alison would be watching us from above, also smoking.

And maybe she could be the prostitute and we would become a bordell and Paul would have a sign.

I just look at Paul and he smiles.

We both get alcohol and both take a shot each as I stare at him, feeling as if I had taken four more shots.

Paul looks at me.

“I don’-”

I press my body against his and I kiss him, my hands on his waist and I start forcefully licking his mouth, holding him, taking his wonderful hat off and breaking the kiss to see Paul look at me lips, avoiding my eyes and he also leans in, pulling me by the collar, I don’t have a tie yet and we’re on the floor.

Both men and it’s wonderful as he tears my clothes away and I pull his, stroking his cock once I can reach and Paul watches me, as I take his scarf and tie his hands up, biting his neck and his eyes glow as he gets harder and I take him in my mouth, he puts his hands down and strokes my hair, thrusting in my mouth, I gag once, but I get used to it, taking him fully and sliding him out and I keep repeating before he starts thrusting harder and then I just give a final lick and pull him to my mouth, his lips and we kiss, biting each other’s neck as I start thrusting against him and then I’m in.

“Alison and me are over.” And I slide inside him, as deeper as possible, I hesitate as he mentions the female but I keep thrusting, his legs wide open and his hands tied up tighter and we both come, but my mind is too focused on confusion, as I look down at Paul covered in sweat from his waist down he is a mixture of both of us and he pulls me on top and kisses me, smiling, as if I were a cigarette in the night and he kisses me again.

I pull him towards me and I hold him.

Too tight and I bite his hair for a bit and he smirks and I close my eyes, too nervous for words, so I just hold the man in my arms, he falls asleep as I start shaking, wondering and a bit regretting and understanding what I’ve done.

I take another shot before returning to sleep with Paul and I shiver.


I'm sorry for the recent delays and I think and hope I'll catch up on the other two today :) (as in yesterday's and today :D)

Thank you for waiting


What Difference Does It Make5


  1. Beautifully written, good job!

  2. Thank youuuuu:3 don't forget to check out the other chapters :3

    you've truly made my weeeek :3