Sunday, 27 May 2012

Red Barrels

He’s standing outside smoking, it’s the first feeling you’ll ever get with the man all dressed in red and Jamie behind me nudging me to head up and in the end they are the ones who hold the conversation instead of me as I just look at Jack and smile, he’s too red and his cigar is nearly over so he catches it’s death and throws it out into the grass.

“Alison.” I say out of the blue and then my hair hides me from how red he is and he laughs.

It had been after Jack and Meg split up and the word of Jack cheating spread out so we headed inside as Jamie talked to Meg and I saw his two barrel on the table next to all the garments and Coke and make up and an amp lying around and Jack lit another cigarette.

His gun had been red then, painted red and now the colour had all worn off.

I had the thought of sticking his gun before his cock as he just talked and talked and I listened and listened, nervously glancing at the gun before asking him why did he need a gun on his table in the first place.

“To play russian roulette of course! Double the fun!” He laughed his cigar in mouth as he blew two smoke rings and the third was faint as he coughed lightly and pressed the double barrel against his head and I expected it too shoot and for the red blood to go outside into the red room, but it didn’t, instead Jack just laughed and handed it over to me, giving me the cigar for strength as I started tearing off the paint with my fingernails which had red varnish, smudged as I clicked and he started kissing me with force.

You become a groupie to the man and he hurls me on the floor.

All morals are gone when he is inside and I play with the gun.

He starts going outside from me and I try to play the game again.

A bullet for each.

With my blood just as red as his cigar’s lightening and the matches all over with our faces now clasped onto as we death.


I've been using the idea of Jack having a double barrel too much lately and I like it quite a lot, I guess it's the only object which travels on purpose so yeah xD

And the last sentence is on purpose, the 'we death' :3 And literally to confuse minds, Alison talks about the gun's paint being off, so would that mean that she's alive or some other sort? :D


Pale Blue Eyes

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