Saturday, 12 May 2012


It doesn’t and shouldn’t feel wrong, you’re just another in the crowd staring at the screen which happens to be a stage and the screen contains people who move and who if you could, touch. I light a cigarette, flicking too many times, looking at her body fling herself more hysterically and then expecting Jack to maybe miss a note and I just inhale watching as the song ends and they both stand up.

I don’t have the guts to say anything, as Alison doesn’t say anything about me as well, yesterday we just smoked three cigarettes and left, not really saying anything as she met with Jack later.

It’s more of me knowing rather than not knowing and Alison just smoking it out but the smoke dissolves before it reaches my mouth, she still kisses me briefly but we don’t make out, we never did.

I start my second cigarette by the time they kiss on stage and I just stare along with people’s excitement.

It’s a venue in England, I didn’t travel far, there is nothing wrong neither there is nothing wrong in seeing a relation dissolve for the crowd and the concentration remains between the lips who depart and brake on stage.



  1. Hi, you have a great blog. c:
    um i would like to hear your opinion about the kills relationship.. I mean, jamie said something about their attraction and he used the word 'unknown'. I have no idea about it but haven't they ever like, experimented anything? really i dont know why but i always feel like alison loves jamie and he seems to be a bit cold sometimes. am i crazy?

  2. I keep thinking about it really, sorry for not replying straight away, and my opinion changes really.

    But there are also moments when it's the opposite really, when Alison is cold to Jamie. I think she had something with Jack White and there's a bit of evidence floating around on the internet and now with Jack openly saying that he cheats makes nearly everything possible so yeah xD My point is that was their breaking point when Jamie backed out fully and I think well, that they never actually dated, but they kiss, point is to which extent did they go physically if emotionally they never fully well, dated?

    Brief encounters and then Jamie's ideology of keeping the tension and he stabs her every time deeper to make harder lyrics

    And Jamie was trained as an actor

    Point is, I'm just as confused and I throw different theories in different stories:3

    sorry if I confused you xD

    thank you so much:3