To Miles

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It's set before/during WWII, it started off as me musing on Roosevelt's idea to catch homosexuals within the navy by choosing "appealing men" which would have sex with the suspected queers and then report it. It was later after a few years found out, that frankly the baiting men, enjoying having sex with other men and the position was closed to the public. What happened to it, remained unknown, as frankly we all know how homophobic the times were and how stupidity seemed to take over people's minds. The following work, depicts a scenario where the job kept on going, as rumored. It was chosen beyond the luring sailor's head. Alex happens to be one of them, as he boards the ship. It seems to be a great immunity as he can have sex with men, freely, but it becomes a Devil's Advocate job as he sends his own people just to remain safe. Every relationship becomes a pseudo one-night stand, as he start developing feelings for his own superior, Miles and the more time passes, the more he sees his job in a different light, accepting his fate, the ship Captain he reports to and the people which worked prior to him as war slowly starts taking over, as people put his betrayal above their own.

I have to many things to even say about To Miles, as it's my longest story to date, most proud of as well and the plot changes dramatically, characters which should've been killed off remained, more back stories come and all characters have their stories to end. I have never been so proud of the main relationships and discussions of sexuality, gender and polyamory as it is in the story.

The irony is that the navy despited being known as mainly queer, doesn't have proper depiction of it and neither do the things behind it, abuse of power or actual relationships which had gone through strict homosexuality bans.

That's why the following work has very heavy subjects to deal with and even discuss as homosexuality was banned, rape in armed forces was never properly frowned upon and it becomes a Stanford Experiment sort of setting, where you know who is in charge, being a closed boat, it gives a claustrophobic, delusional setting which only depicts how narrow our own relationship with the world is, as we stick to the people we know and we all end up intertwining.

Please understand that the further work is heavy, as it was made to be a product of it's time with a heavy emphasis on all aspects of war, abuse of power, homophobia, rape, suicide, transphobia, death, murder and so on, frankly.

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