Monday, 7 October 2013


I’m not sure it’s ok to say that I’m dead nervous and I’m ok if this train crashes into... that tree and everyone dies, including the dog and the lady.

Ok, maybe not the lady with the dog.

But I can, so that I don’t have to worry anymore.

Fluttershy looks even worse than I do, until she sees the dog herself, glancing behind and approaching the dog. 

I don’t think it’s ok to say that I’m nervous and Twilight sending me texts of doubts, that we should’ve stayed in Ponyville makes it worse along with random thoughts which linger in my head.

Fluttershy eventually comes back, once the dog leaves with the lady, leaving the local newspaper on the seat. 

What if someone got killed and there’s a killer on the loose?

What if an asteroid is s’posed to hit us?

I just press my cheek against the window, feeling the cold and closing my eyes, I don’t think I should be this anxious but I am

And the fact that the tryouts for the sports scholarship are soon, makes it worse, soon enough the days will shift into hours and then Fluttershy-

What if I disappoint her?

What if she won’t like the food I usually cook?

Why do people write about teenage misfits and not about people in life? I’m no celebrity and I’m not even sure I’ll be able to progress later on and I’m stuck with Twilight giving examples of teenage misfits-

I’ve got too much Twilight in my head, because we’ve been together until she parted away from me. 

I’d have her in the mornings until she had decided to study and then, when all hell broke loose, Fluttershy wanted to go away and we both left. 

I had always wondered why people break up years later when they had studied each other and frankly going for someone new seems terrifying. It feels like walking in on a party and releasing no one is drinking the same drink you’ve drank years ago and drugs are passed among each other. Other bases are common, back when you’re used to holding hands as a phenomenon. 

I glance at Fluttershy with her pink hair and looking out of the window with curious eyes.

I’ve always wondered about her, if she-

She pokes her wings.

I can’t help but smile and wonder some more and have Twilight at that party flirting with someone else, as Fluttershy joins me by the wall and we end up talking about Angel the bunny not eating carrots again. I guess when one person walks out on you, there’s someone else who knows you as well.

I have to drag the suitcases, because, well, I’m stronger and Fluttershy is busy with the map, running from one corner of the street to another to find the right location. Everything looks like... an Ikea catalogue and I guess, it’s s’posed to be, but it’s still unusual.

We get our space, greet and talk until we are left alone and I slide down the wall onto the floor, as Fluttershy empties her backpack with all the critters and I have the animals buzzing around, birds leaving feathers and Bunny ranting about something.

I close my eyes and I wonder, what if I should’ve stayed with Twilight, knowing that

Well, nothing awaited me there, the bomb had exploded and well, I’d just die there. 

There wouldn’t be anything else to add.

I still feel depressed and Fluttershy is still anxious, getting all the food ready as I wake up on my bed, releasing that I had managed to crawl somehow under the covers.

I don’t think I’ll wake up until I will be sure

of something. 


It's interesting how I got this request before Equestria girls asking for them to be humanoid+wings, so yeah:3

I've moved and anxiety is visible and I've written the first half and kind of left it today in the morning and now I'm back and I've written it xD

I kept imaging Twilight saying things and then I realized that they dated so yeah xD

Please feel free to request :3


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