Monday, 28 October 2013

Used Lighter7

Your life should end on a street you knew, but you’ve never headed up.

It’s a street from Cowgate, going up.

I remember Alison holding a cross behind.

And Alex swinging a bat behind me, again, laughing, holding me down with his foot.

People walk past. But I’m my own dream and I don’t control what happens.

Alison would look at me and she started wearing crosses herself, they wouldn’t work on us, but they still frightened me like a dull day in Sunday school.

There is something haunting in religion. I had a gay friend, she was terrified of the church.

I had taken her in one day. It had been my sister.

We both sat and she looked up.

She confessed being a lesbian.

She told me the church was closed for her because she loved beauty back, being such herself with hair and eyes she had trimmed, what we should see as a desire to be a man, but neither of us were men.

We had prayed.

She had been older.

I told her, that the church was open to anyone who wanted it.

That the interpretations were all wrong and that faith was the one which would keep us.

The bat swings again on my ribs and I stand up, no blood spilling, no mouth foul, dragging Alexander, knowing that he is Alex. 


I know it's been months and well, I hadn't gotten the request and this had been written maybe even at the same time as the previous chapter.

And well, that's it for Used Lighter and it's well... sad. I really enjoyed writing but I had gotten used to the fact (haha used xD) that well, it's over and I've started writing Bar Eyes, which pretty much wraps up everything and all is explained roughly, so if you want the next chapter of Bar Eyes just poke me, I've got about five or six chapters written and it is lighter (haha lighter xD) than UL, but it's going to get gloomy

and Jamie's there, yay :D now he is he there? Well, go on and read it. Bar Eyes takes place during before, during and even after, both are essential parts to each other :) 

UL is one of my favourite stories in general and Edinburgh seems like a fitting setting and I should've taken photos of the places. It's still sad that UL is over because I recall how every chapter had been written and how I'd walk around getting places to use. 

It's hard to let go, just like any other story I've been attached to even if Bar Eyes is far from finished XD

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and thank you for reading and liking it as well



P.S. Bar Eyes where you really wonder if you'd choose Jamie or Alex XD

Oh and if you want a print version of this, please poke me something should be up soon or any finished story or collection of one-shots:)

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