Wednesday, 2 October 2013


How do you attract the person who’s had everything, who from the outside is a heavy sexual deviant and his ways seem to be the talk next to his name?

How do you attract sex with sex?

It’s been too many years and we’ve still got glitter on our hands and we still go to bars with drag queens leading the show.

I always like how dim it is here and I don’t know where to start or where to end

Everything has been swinging back and worth, all of our wives and lovers

And myself dancing on the dance floor.

Maybe it had all started happening not from those daft kisses sometimes taken between shots and exclaims, but when I had been by myself, dimming the lights, dropping a few unlit candles and I had started kicking them around, turning on music

and dancing by myself, a tacky discoball hanging above in a peculiar style

and he had walked in, in a dress

maybe I’ve been hallucinating all my life ever since I’ve been brought back to life,

all the way through rehab

maybe all the voices I hear are angels.

I’ve seen too many crosses and I’ve hung on to many.

I get us four drinks, so that we can speak with no words, looking at the drag queen, knowing that no one will know.


It was hard and basically I grew up on Depeche Mode and I knew who was who before I could identify people really (like I'd point when someone would ask me where Dave is and stuff xD) so yeah.

I really love them and admire them, so yeah, it was a challenge, but I hope you enjoyed it and feel free to request



  1. Hiya. Sorry it took me time to respond. Trust me, it wasn't on purpose. <_< Anyway, you know this is hot and perfect and feels right. Sequel, please? But only if you're up for it since you have a lot of requests.

  2. Don't worry, I've been busy myself :3

    Of course :D I am up for it, just that I've got a lot of requests so it will be a wait :\ sorry about that and thank you :3 :3 :3