Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Paper Guns 4

Our dreams are gone as society stomps over them and so will the women we love if we were older with geeky fashion and baggy jeans, maybe longer hair. Maybe we’d get our hair cut.

I wanked.

When Pixie and Jansen fell asleep and I stared at the wall, watching the paper twirl as I let out a screen, like watching a haunted castle, it had been mesmerizing. My hands were shaking and I dialed my girlfriend. 

Lucia picked up. 

“Oi.” She had been drinking tea and I could feel pepermint smell through the holes if our telephones would have holes now. Instead I leaned closer against the touch screen, described my wank as she sipped her tea and I could feel her fingers thread my hair.

Lucia and I weren’t dating. Sometimes that would be how it felt, it started feeling obliged and Lucia would sometimes roll off the bed and walk into the kitchen, take a few photos, talk to Jansen as they would laugh.

I think I had seen them kiss but it could have been a dream like an orange peel, so I let it slide.

I had too many women who’d walk past me.

I had an asian girl once, after Jansen. It felt like dating a porn star with a sharp tongue which slid inside me with pleasure and fuck, she’d raise my legs and finger me anally. I’d never been into anal before Yui. 

Yui was great, her ass was great, she’d end up snapping her fingers while flicking through channels and we had lots of sex. Then her boyfriend found out or rather her girlfriend, me, found out. In the end Yui decided to go to some church and pray, she said that God was sex. She said that it was sex with a woman, like coming and squirting all the time, fingering, licking, sucking and she’d go more descriptive.

I saw Yui buying a sandwich with a cross around her neck and a cut, she had become some weird as I think sort of nun and I think they all fuck there, since God’s a woman, but maybe she just made it up, bought a sex toy, surrended herself in a circle of donuts and watched lovely asian porn. 

I think in the end Yui died. When you’re on a bus, you wish someone would knock down the stupid cyclist. Well, Yui was the cyclist who did nothing and got knocked down and I knew that God would take her. I think God is sex to some extent. 

I told Lucia that and she listened. 

Maybe it had been time to finnish.

Jansen and Pixie would sleep in a row and I would see Pixie’s naked butt and I would just stare at her. I didn’t talk to her, neither did she.

Lucia was gone. Your mind is erased.

She drank weak coffee and I drank tea. We were like a Placebo cover only one white, one black and both scissored women with love and care.

Both lesbians. 

That’s a statement. 

Just like Yui was God.

Maybe Yui was the sunshine.

There was no love between me and Yui and maybe Lucia should also be knocked down by a bike. We need less cyclist to loam our street, fair or not. 


It's really weird considering I've written this chapter surely like more than 6 months ago.

I'm about on chapter 10 or so XD

I hope you enjoyed it and I'm sorry for the slow queue and everything ^^;

If you pester me enough I can post the next chapter coz all up to 10 is pretty much written xD

Feel free to request :3


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