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Gandalf's Inhaler 9

It tastes... like the worst thing I’ve ever tried in my life and all of a sudden I want to puke the second time in a day. I really wonder why the fuck do people even swallow it or in porn they do it so fast and I really didn’t expect it to be so gagging. Alex stands up, cursing and apologizing instantly and we both go to the bathroom, he opens a new pack of toothbrushes pretty fast and gives me one.

“Brush, the faster, the better.” And I do that, feeling my mouth ache from all the toothpaste I had decided to use and I feel like I could be in a damn commercial. 

“I’m sorry.” He says as I’m brushing my tongue, hoping that it will all go away. Alex apologizes again and I just pat his head, shrugging. I spit out some of it.

“Mate, I swallowed, it was my fault, relax.” But I say it, sounding funny as I keep brushing it and Alex just presses his head against my back, tracing my back with his fingertips and kissing my back from while to while. 

“Um, I’m sorry, should’ve told you earlier, I really thought you’d spit it out-”

“I wanheh ou look shexy.” I interrupt him with my muffled voice. And I realize that he started laughing and honestly, my mouth is numb from all the mint. I start rinsing my mouth, now struggling to get all of the toothpaste out and when I spit out a chunk, Alex laughs harder pointing at the new toothpaste which I had used half of. “I’m sorry.”

“Miles, it’s funny, you’re just... lovely.” He says and plays with my hair for a bit before kissing me again. I feel less numb, but his taste is still clouded with all the brushing I’ve done, but I still french him back and I’m turned on again. 

I want to continue where we left off and I pull him closer and tighter, our erections pressed against each other as we stumble back into the bedroom and Alex goes on top of me, kissing me harder and he slides a hand between us, stroking me softly. I moan, embarrassed and I close my eyes as I feel his hand wander lower.

He slides a finger inside me and I moan harder, biting his shoulder. I hear him and even feel him shift slightly to open a drawer and get lube out which makes me blush even more. I can see him and I feel my heart pounding, I don’t know how to describe his face, mixture of happiness and a slight grin and I kiss him, pulling him closer as I spread my legs.

Alex takes his finger out, squeezes out some lube on his fingers and slides two this time, slower and kissing me, the second hand stroking him slowly. I pull his lips and bite them when he goes faster, moaning. 

Alex shifts to my neck, kissing it softly, licking it.

“May I?” He asks softly and I gulp, feeling myself nearly over the edge already as he positions himself and I keep watching him, as his fingers stroke my arms and he leans to kiss me and he goes inside slowly. 

“Shhhh...” He eases me and doesn’t move for a while, for my to adjust and relax and I pull his bottom lip with my teeth, getting more turned on and feeling myself go numb to any other emotion besides love, passion and sex. 

“Please.” I ask him to move and Alex nods, biting my neck, licking it as he thrusts slightly and it feels uncomfortable at first before it just changes sides to pleasure and my own hips thrust with Alex’s and I spread my legs even more, begging him to go deeper, kissing his lips harshly, digging my hands into his back, Alex thrusting harder and soon enough I can’t even kiss him, as I’m just moaning and thrusting back in pleasure, desperate to reach the edge. 

I feel Alex himself weaken when we both get closer to coming, but we keep up the speed and I beg him to go faster and I press my lips against his, feeling myself dissolve as Alex exhales suddenly and I feel him come and I follow, pulling his lip with my teeth again, moaning and we keep both riding the orgasm softly and I start making out with him until we both collapse, Alex on top of me, his cheek against my own and I barely find some energy within me to kiss him softly. 

We end up sleeping just a few hours, before I can hear Alex sit up on the bed and I feel cold, eager for his touch, so I snap my eyes open to see him with his hand on my cheek and looking at the window with the curtains open, revealing a reflection of Alex’s room and some darkness behind in the campus yard. 

I sit up myself and Alex turns around to smile at me. 

We had fallen asleep with the lights on. 

“I should get going. I guess.” I say with a sigh, looking at the clock on top of some small bookcase. It’s four thirty and it would be the ideal time to sneak out, everyone is sleeping. Five would be a bit risky, because some actually go for a run and Matt starts banging on the neighbor’s door to turn off their “wake up” music which involves whatever is on the top 40 right now. 

“Yeah.” Alex says and tries to pull me closer, his hand stopping mid-air. I blink at his hesitation. “Um, I was going to see my parents tomorrow and stay over. I was going to be back on Monday just in time for the lesson.”

“Oh.” I feel slapped, even if it hadn’t come from him. I feel myself miss him already. 

“I can come on Sunday-” Alex starts, looking away.

“No, it’s fine. No bother.” But then Alex lights up. 

“You can go into town if you want to, though. You just have to sign off and sign in-”

“Oh.” I blink again and he takes my hand. I feel my heart race. I had the thoughts if we could actually go somewhere else other than stay in his room and I feel confused by all the thoughts and the fact that we could just go somewhere. 

“Not to see my parents though, just to... hang out. I mean. I’ll check tomorrow how many will sign out in the morning, before I leave and I’ll tell you. But yeah, um, yeah.” He’s hesitating and I’m even happy for a second date. I kiss him again and Alex pulls me closer by the arms and we make out for a bit.

“Al, I have to go.” I sigh and he kisses the top of my head. I kiss his shoulder.

I start dressing up and Al just puts on a pair of boxers and keeps watching me and I feel too shy to look at him, but eventually I do and we both end up grinning. 

I do my last button and then Al stands up and searches his bed table for something and in the end he gets out a red notebook and rips a page out of it, gets a pen from the kitchen and scribbles numbers down, which I realize is his phone number. 

“Text me, I’ll tell you where to meet me. Better if you sign out with Matt, less suspicious. But then obviously, split, I mean, if you want to.” He smiles softly and I want to kiss him again but instead I look at the scribbled numbers.

I take out my phone and start typing in the numbers, to which Alex stares, realizing that maybe he should’ve asked first but instead he walks off to find his phone on the floor, charging and waits until I’m done and once I raise my head I hear the familiar click.

“Oi.” I nag.

“C’mon, I want a lovely photo of you if you ring me.” Alex smirks, admiring the photo where once I check I look like I’m not just underage but out of kindergarden and I look sleepy and pretty much post-sex. “Plus I have a creepy photo of everyone, so not too shady.”

“Of course it’s fucking shady, you pedophile.” I smirk, still staring at the photo as Alex even shows it to me and I can observe it all I want and roll my eyes at the photo and my lover. 

“Hey, you’re the Lolita here. You seduced me.” He lies, smirking and I open my own number and let him type it in. I’m not ringing him to see that ugly ass photo of me. 

“Naw, you were the child molester in a Spider-Man’s costume. I was... just looking sharp as Gandalf.” And I myself quickly take a photo. He has a surprised face and his eyes even widened slightly and his hair is a mess. “And I’ve got evidence now, that you had molested me.”

“Haha.” Alex mocks a laugh and pulls me closer and I ease in his touch, letting my entire weigh on him so he steps a bit back and holds me, smirking and kissing my hair. “You’re just as guilty.”

“Not in the eyes of law and that... although, I could be expelled as well.” I say my thoughts aloud and we both start the silence. I feel his heartbeat increase and frankly we are both risking a lot and I had lost education and I don’t want to lose it again, but then I’ve got Alex here

and a few images go in my head, lifting his mask, making love for the first time and how he had looked when he opened the door. 

“I... don’t think anyone will find out, Miles. And if so happens, it’s fine. I love you. I guess, well, we’ve done enough.” He sighs and I feel a lump creep up my throat. “I don’t see anything guilty in either of us, but yeah. If anything, I’m here and I will be.”

And he kisses me.

We keep kissing until I realize that I’m nearly late.

“I love you, Alex.” I say and eventually we stop hugging and I hug myself from the lack of touch and I can see Alex look at me from head to toe and I just grin slightly. He hugs me one more time. 

“Well, I’ll see you tomorrow.” And he walks me to the door and unlocks it. I step out, feeling myself rip slightly apart, feeling bizarre that I have to go back and I want to go back to his bed and not even notice myself fall asleep and I know how lonely I will feel once my head reaches the pillow. 

“Yeah, see you, Mr. Turner.” I smirk and turn around, waving lightly and I glance at him watching me. I keep glancing back until I have to do a turn and I head out, it’s still dark which is bizarre and feels unusual. I’m left without cigarettes and frankly I am too excited to sleep and at the same time I want to sleep to lull myself faster to the moment when I see him again. I turn around, wondering which window is his, but I get back to my campus. I hear some noises and some music, so I increase my pace, each step bringing to life the light and striking my eyes, that I shut them for a bit before I continue walking.

I get out the key and unlock the door, seeing Matt tucked in bed, I check to see if everything is in place and I notice a new poster above Matt’s bed. I get to bed, but the poster is staring at me and frankly, I’m allowed to hate exes, even if Al didn’t look too interested in him in that photo I saw, but what if he still was.

In the end I throw a sock at Matt. 

“Wot?” Matt moans, he is sort of easy to wake up, at least when a sock lands on his face, but I see him drift away. In the end I go to his bed and I climb on him, standing up, Matt literally between my legs and I start pulling the poster off.

“Oi, man, what are you doing?” Matt says and sits up himself and forces himself to stay awake. “What the hell did poor Nick O’Malley do to you?”

I look at Nick’s daft face and Andy whatever’s face, they both look serious about their music, well, too bad, I never liked them as well as their side project. Now, I have another reason. And unless Andy is Nick’s boyfriend and they’re like together for ever, I’m ok with Andy, but I don’t think I have a big reason to like Andy as well.

“He’s Alex’s ex.” I say and I start folding the poster the hell away and I get off Matt’s bed to which Matt has to wake up to. In the end I just throw it on the window sill, which amuses Matt as it falls on the floor and unrolls, both of them judging us from below.

“Wait... Turner dated the the Nick O’Malley? Mate, I love Nick. He’s amazing and you just took down a poster of his latest projec-”

“I know, it’s something like about puppets.” I say, knowing, but I put on an impression that I don’t care. I’m sure now he’ll walk up to Alex and ask him to meet Nick somehow or sell him his hair or something so he could clone him. 

“It’s My Last Shadow Puppet and he did it with his friend, Andy.” Matt says and something tells me that this month’s pocket money will go to whatever Nick is touring with. 



Yes, it's a new chapter and it's up today, yay :D

I love them and how they communicate or when they're too shy to. I dunno, I just love them and I'm too sleepy to write behind the scenes properly.

Ok, initially The Arctic Monkey was supposed to have a support band which just consisted of Andy, but then my partner asked like what about The Last Shadow Puppets?

And I replied, well, it's The Last Shadow Puppet now and then I thought for a while and blurred out the fact that it would be called My Last Shadow Puppet and that's between Andy and Nick. XD I'm sorry I am having so much fun with The Arctic Monkey and yes, I find it hilarious xD because um, I like weird humor xD And Andy was supposed to be a supporting bass player to Nick's bass, so it was going to be like a two bass band kind of, but no, now they are My Last Shadow Puppet XD

and yes, Nick will be on further xD 

I hope you enjoyed it and yes, the sex scene continued :3 

Please feel free to request this or You're Not Coming Back Again :D


Gandalf's Inhaler 10

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