Thursday, 1 March 2012

Degrading Haystack With Red Moons Printed Across Part 8

Yeah, she did.

Inhaling, exhaling, laughing as it was funny gas, as Jaidem would raise a brow blowing out the smoke slowly, watching it dissolve into the other pieces hanging in the air, wishing to be mixed with something coming out of Death’s mouth.

Jaidem through his cigarette out of the window, out of Macy’s passageway, as he called it. I ranted about his nickname seeing the invisible sarcasm he wanted to add. His eyes seemed to bore into me as he said that I shouldn’t idolize her, her laughing stopped. I said why not? He said I’d get bored off her and find shag. I wanted to answer with violence but instead he pressed a finger against my throat fiddling with something that I coughed and felt it’s earning to detach.

“Shouldn’t you rehearse your suicide scene, actor?”Jaidem asked in a mocking way, glancing at Macy as if they were previous or current lovers just to exit the apartment and to return with a glowing expression of a happy-happy flat mate with beer leaking out of the grocery bags.

They say fortune tellers can predict everything.

I once walked through a fair with Macy watching all hocus-pocus taking away the money for gold to be stuck instead of teeth in the owner’s mouth. One was waving her arms fanatically over an orb, glancing, shuffling cards her dark eyes landing on the intertwined fingers then back to Macy and at me. I watched her pick the hem of her skirt as her eyes would glint while glancing at Macy with a giant lollypop I couldn’t help but watch her keep glancing at Macy mumbling something under her nose until I yanked her hand and went towards the charlatan. She stood up, grabbing her hem with her, her boots in dirt.

The lady grabbed my left arm before Macy even opened her mouth. A horrid shiver ran through my hand, as her black eyes bored in my hand.

It lasted for a second before she threw my hand back, releasing her skirt to fall onto the ground but her fingers still grabbing hold of the fabric. She looked at
Macy with pity, before glancing at me as if I was the reason for all the misfortune in the world.

“How dare you! To end, end it all like that!” She spat onto the ground. “With one act, one-”

Macy slapped her.

The dark skinned charlatan stared at her, her eyes going wide, before her eyes looked down, muttering something glancing at Macy’s throat, wondering wherever to grab the girl’s hand or not. Not.

“Then end just like he! Sinners! Disgrace! Disgrace the both of you! Feeding, pleading one in the house just to end! Poison! Disgr-”

We both shut our ears, rather I did, feeling dizzy, feeling the earn to lie down, feeling everything spin at a horrid speed as she kept shouting what disgrace I was as Macy clutched both my hands trying to get hold of me as my face lay in the ground. I swear I saw hay.

“Not an actor you are! How are you supposed to act! Act such a role! Suicide what do you know of it! Young fool!”

I felt a string yank me up, but I could barely hold, I could feel Jaidem’s fingers upon my throat. I lunched myself at her, my fingers digging into the fabric of her scarf. I could barely breath as I gasped in quick breaths, lowering my head to her eyes.

“Fucking wait and see.” And I got hold of her jaw and dug my fingers into her jaw, feeling her blood go inside my nails and mix with my skin, devouring it, like an antidote not sufficient to end the torture. I felt it burn, but I slapped her, yelled at her, yelled at the running around press, Jaidem trying to lunge at my throat with a needle ready to decorate his jacket.

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