Thursday, 22 March 2012

You Make The Cherries Go Sour

Her eyes look a bit too hungry sometimes, even when I choose the cherries, not too many, but enough to keep the advertisement breaks occupied.

I take more and for a few seconds she watches me before she approaches me and she takes my hair out of my eyes, making a ponytail and I just stare at her, smiling a bit, as if we’d be naked and I’d be insecure.

“Hey.” Alexa says a bit too softly and just as hungry, her breathing becoming a heavy achievement for her and I just wonder at which colour was the band which she tied my hair with and I smile. “What are you doing?”

“Cherries. Hey.” And she starts taking some as well, her whole body giving out the tension and I just don’t do anything as she would do everything.

And her lips are cherry red and I tell her that and she says the colour she actually choose and has on would be something with another name, so we just wait for a few people to pass, as if Alexa’s intentions would be written like that time she just stared at the heart I have a tattoo of and asked me about Jamie, my hair up as well as I just ate a slice of cheese in my room.

Chewing on it and how she would ask me to play The Search For Cherry Red. I took out the guitars.

She fed me cherries, one by one in my mouth as I played and I would feed her the seeds, as her fingers brushed against my lips, the fingers slowly hooking into my mouth and then pulling me by the jaw, a cherry between my lips and she poked it with her tongue to let it fall into the hole of my mouth before she pressed a kiss.

I just gripped the guitar tighter, holding it a bit up, protecting my breasts, I didn’t have as much but neither did she.

“I’m a lesbian.”

It’s too obvious.

I chew the cherry, playing the notes.

“You taste like-like cherries.” The flirting sentences are wrong and my fingers wander into different songs as I close my eyes, strumming harder.

“I’m eating cherries.” And the seed is back in her hands. We could watch a movie but the outcome would be the same.

Alexa took off her shirt, her bra left as she tried to take my hand, but I just clung harder and she took it off, exposing her breasts and the thoughts of Alex Turner’s mouth being where she wanted my cherry lips to be seemed a bit odd and she kissed me again, taking off her skirt, her tights and her underwear and finally taking my hands off the guitar and messily taking my shirt off.

I tried not to kiss back, but she kept giving me cherries I chewed until she reached my breasts and I nearly choked as her fingers slipped in my underwear.

So soft.

Soft strokes, tongue shifting through nipples and her wet body on mine, it didn’t matter man or woman, I was receiving pleasure from another body and I screamed her to go faster, even nudging her mouth to go down.

I pinned her to the bed, going on top of her mouth, pulling my nipples, thrusting hard with her tongue as she stroked my hips, I looked backwards to see how wet she’s getting and I let a finger touch her and I let go off her mouth.

Alexa pins me to the bed.

And thrusts.

I scream.

She gasps, holding my hands, going faster then moving away to scissor and we both thrust, pressing so hard that my clit aches sometimes and the sweat is now the second layer of bed covers before she pulls me above with her and her tongue begs for mine.

I french her, for her and I take her hair, scruffing it, pulling it accidentally as the final thrusts are starting to get given, the bodies exhausted and cherries still left as I pull her body as I come and she watches me for a second longer before closing hers as well.

It’s early for bed, even for children, but the covers are pulled over us and we quickly glance at each other before faking sleep which becomes reality.

We eat together, even go out to a park and my head is pulled up.

We smile.

We kissed a few times.

“I love you.” Alexa says a bit concerned, waiting for a reaction.

She gets the cherries for herself as planned, as I see the park again and another kiss once more.

We agreed on the fact that I might fall in love.


I'm too sleepy after my exam but here it is and fuck, I like it :D :3

Basically the ending came first and everything followed:3 I hope you enjoyed it and feel free to request:D


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